Ali Wong’s Iconic Glasses Are Surprisingly Easy To Recreate

Ali Wong is one of the biggest stars in stand-up comedy, and her Netflix stand-up specials Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife made her a household name. She is also one of the writers for the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and starred in a leading role for the first time ever in Always Be My Maybe.

With all of those accolades, it's not surprising that her fans are trying their best to pattern their look after Ali. In particular, fans are trying their best to pull off her iconic glasses.

Now, Ali finally let everyone in on the secret.

GettyImages-1057990798 close up of ali wong's glasses

It turns out that while Ali is starring in movies and perfecting her standup routine, she somehow found the time to become an expert life-hacker. You don't need a special prescription or a huge bank account to pull off Wong's stunning look.

All you need is a pair of sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses.

Ali shared in an interview that almost every pair of glasses she wears is actually just a pair of sunglasses that have been converted into a prescription pair. Truly iconic.

This news was backed up by a couple of Reddit users who found out that her glasses were actually part of the Barton Perreira Valerie 2013 collection. Unfortunately, that pair has long been discontinued, but that shouldn't stop any of us from tracking down our favorite pair of Ray-Ban's and then doing a little DIY magic to make them part of our everyday wardrobe. Thank you, Ali, for making our lives so much more cost-effectively glamorous!