Trail Cams Captured The Most Incredible And Mysterious Images

We all do weird stuff when we think no one is watching. With humans, it’s when you get caught licking the lid of the yogurt container. With animals, it can be a lot of strange things. The moments when we turn our backs are when they come out of hiding to investigate our stuff.

Trail cams pick up those seconds when animals venture across our paths while they’re being their most natural and unafraid. Check out these trail cam images that show what drama unfolds in nature when we’re not looking.

These Bear Camermen Took All These Photos

bears adjusting camera trail cam
Photo Credit: alc59 / Reddit
Photo Credit: alc59 / Reddit

If you ever wondered how trail cameras don’t get knocked over then you’re not alone. They get knocked over all the time. Which is why we have these to cub cameramen here to set the system back up again. They are fixing it, right?

It’s also funny how these two are just barely too short to be caught on camera doing this. The person reviewing the footage is going to be so confused as to why the camera shook for so long with no one there. Take a selfie little guy!