Facts About “The Three Stooges” That Only Die-Hard Fans Know About

Comedy has gone through many evolutions since the early days of slapstick. Now you cand find something to laugh at if you’re into raunchy standup, witty sketch shows, feature-length comedic movies, or fail compilations on YouTube. All of those forms of comedy emerged, in some way or another from The Three Stooges. This trio was making people laugh long before televised sitcoms or stadium comedy tours.

In 2012, all of The Three Stooges shorts were released on one convenient DVD. Fans fell in love with these silly men all over again.

Curly’s Hair Isn’t Curly

Curly Howard’s name is kind of ironic. The comedian doesn’t have much hair at all. At least, he doesn’t have hair in The Three Stooges sketches. Before becoming a part of the iconic trio, Curly Howard had a great head of hair. Ted Healy, who was the mastermind behind the group’s success, didn’t think that Curly’s huge head of hair was funny enough.

Curly took his opinion to heart, immediately went backstage, and shaved all of his hair off.