Teachers Who Are At Their Wits End And Not Afraid To Show It

Being a teacher comes with its ups and downs. The up is you have a job and the down is that that job is teaching. Teachers are valuable people in our society because they raise the next generation. But sometimes that responsibility comes with its growing pains.

These are some teachers who either need a break, a raise, a vacation, or a new class of kids that won’t drive them absolutely crazy. Or maybe just a strong cup of coffee and 20 minutes of peace and quiet. Check out these everyday warriors.

This Kid Has Intuition

teachers drawing looks like they go to the bar
Photo Credit: @HSTeachProbs / Twitter
Photo Credit: @HSTeachProbs / Twitter

If you’ve seen The Sixth Sense then you know that kids have some eerie intuition when it comes to the other side. The other side, in this case, is what the teachers do after hours. Instead of most kids who think their teachers sleep at school, this one seemed to know where they really went. Mom, I see drunk people.

This kid added some wine glasses to the drawing to make this bender seem pretty classy. Combined with the nice clothing and the faded looks in their eyes that comes with not swearing all-day and this kid is spot on.