Inside Stories And Secrets About “The Andy Griffith Show” (Including What The Stars Are Up To Today!)

Every television series has hidden stories and hilarious anecdotes behind them that even adoring fans of the show may not know about. The Andy Griffith Show is no different. Fans may be in the dark about what weird things fans mailed to series star Don Knotts, for example.

The show itself was a wholesome slice of Americana, delivering good life lessons that the whole family could enjoy and watch together. However, there were some things going on behind the scenes that will no doubt surprise Andy Griffith fans.

Andy And Don Were Real-Life Best Friends

Don Knotts as Barney Fife, and Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Andy Griffith and Don Knotts exhibited a strong chemistry of friendship on The Andy Griffith Show. It helped that they were amazing pals off the small screen, too. Some of that can be chalked-up to the shared life experiences they had when they were younger.

Although the two grew up in separate states, they can both claim to be from the Mid-Atlantic, as Andy grew up in North Carolina and Don has his roots in West Virginia. Both also came of age during the Great Depression. It’s likely that both faced the same struggles, or at least understood them, that the other one endured during this time.