What Really Happened Behind The Scenes Of “Gone With The Wind”

The Hollywood classic movie Gone with the Wind was based on a novel of the same name by Margaret Mitchell. The book was published in 1936 and the film was released in 1939. Both the film and the novel tell the story of a character named Scarlett O’Hara, the daughter of a plantation owner, as she falls in an out of love with various suitors.

There is much lore surrounding the production of this film, which was notoriously difficult to make. Keep reading to find out what exactly made the set of Gone with the Wind so inhospitable.

Director Number One Was Fired For His Sexuality

Bettmann/Getty Images
Bettmann/Getty Images

Gone with the Wind went through three different directors. Each of the first two directors ended up leaving the project for one reason or another. The first director who worked on the movie was George Cukor. Cukor and the producer of the film, David O. Selznick disagreed about the direction of the movie as a whole. Selznick became too overbearing for Cukor, involving himself in every aspect of production. He even asked Cukor to check in with him every single day.

Eventually, Selznick fired Cukor for working too slowly, although some people think that Cukor was actually fired because actor Clark Gable had a problem with Cukor’s homosexuality.