M*A*S*H Trivia That Fans Want To Know

Fans couldn’t get enough of M*A*S*H, the TV series that aired on CBS for an incredible eleven seasons. Based on real-life events of the Korean War, the show had a dedicated fan base and won several awards for its characters, plot lines, and depiction of military life during the war. The show also boosted the careers of actors like Alan Alda. There’s a lot that went on behind the scenes of the show that even the biggest M*A*S*H fans are not aware of. Did you know that there was an episode that never aired? Or why the show eventually ended? Take a look back at M*A*S*H.

Two Of The Lead Actors Served in Korea


Alan Alda was a perfect fit for the role of Captain Hawkeye Pierce. A veteran himself, Alda enlisted in the military after graduating from Fordham University. Like many men his age at the time, Alda served in the Army Reserve and was even stationed in Korea, although not during the Korean War.

Actor Jamie Farr, who played Corporal Klinger, also had military experience under his belt before joining the cast. Having actors who experienced military life first-hand increased the show’s authenticity.