Millennials Won’t Be Fooled By These Unrealistic Lifestyles On TV

Some of the most iconic TV shows and movies for millennials are timeless. Seinfeld, Sex And The City, and How I Met Your Mother are all shows that shaped our personalities in our most formative years. But once you grow up and rewatch them, some things stick out like a sore thumb.

Why did we ever believe that any of the Friends cast could afford their apartments? And how did we all fall for the idea that we could become instantly hot once our parents let us buy contact lenses? These TV tropes are severely outdated, and someone needed to say it.

Being Unemployed But Still Living In Million Dollar Apartments

fancy apartment.jpg

Photo credit: @BAZAARAustralia / Twitter

Can someone please explain how a freelance newspaper columnist can afford an apartment with a dining room and a walk-in closet?

Or what about Monica’s apartment in Friends? Yes, she inherited it, but there must have been some seriously strict rent controls in place for her to continue to afford it.