A Variety Of Fun! 40 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

George Carlin Had A Tough Time Appearing On The Show


The Ed Sullivan Show often brought on stand-up comedians. One who appeared close to a dozen times was famed comic George Carlin. The gig was a good one to get his name out there, but it was also difficult, Carlin later recalled.

“The Ed Sullivan Show’s worst weapon of torture was that it was live,” the comic wrote in his autobiography. “There were no second takes on Sullivan. During your set, Ed would stand onstage over to stage right. Out of camera range but onstage. So the entire audience never watched the comic. They were watching Sullivan to see if he would laugh. And he never did. Playing comedy to the Sullivan audience was agony. You’d get more laughs in a mausoleum.”