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Genres: Experimental / Folk

Location: Medford, NJ

Stats: 42 fans / 4,132 plays / 24 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Evan

I've been influenced by far too many individuals...

If you like my music, let me know...I'd love to hear from you. I also do a lot of work with modern classical music for any that might be interested in exploring that...



  • Kayleigh KuThroat said:
    dude, across the universe cover is epic. my uncle produced that movie and even he liked that! haha May 28
  • xxxracer55 said:
    Hey whats up..been awhile since i been on! Who ya get to sing across the universe she is pretty good. i also like the carnival song lol May 28
  • T-guth said:
    you are crazy Dec 05
  • said:
    whooooo that is sooo kewl u do this all by yourself Nov 28
  • molliedieshard said:
    Add Comment here... May 15
  • said:
    yeah buddy!!!! May 13
  • $953,415 said:
    i like a lot of your bands and your music that is sweet Apr 06
  • xxxracer55 said:
    hey wuts up, can i get u as a friend because i got a friend request from this band and i don\'t know how to add other people. Well u need to come up with some new stuff!! keep it comin Apr 06
  • Adept_Arcana said:
    Wow, good music. I cant wait for more. Mar 29
  • xxxracer55 said:
    hey whats up!! ur stuff is great... keep it comin Mar 25
  • loveis4loserz said:
    Hey buddy.. I am trying to add you to my faves but I cant figure out how to do it. Lets work on getting some new stuff on here. By the way.. Im joining your band. As soon as new stuff gets on here ill send you lyrics Mar 15


Jan 04, 2009

Demo EP

Jun 09, 2008


United States

Kayleigh KuThroat

Newport News, VA


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Im Olivia

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Rida Inspi(red)

Clarksville, AR


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