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Genres: Folk Rock / Indie

Location: Philadelphia, PA

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Members: Denison Witmer

"Are You A Dreamer" serves as a powerful reminder that no matter how crowded the pack of sensitive guys with acoustic guitars becomes, genuine talents like Witmer are hidden somewhere in the rough. Warmth shines through every moment of "Are You A Dreamer?" and combines with a welcome sense of optimism often lacking in the depressive world of confessional singer/songwriters and independent rock.

In Denison's own words, "'Are You A Dreamer?' is about finding peace and remaining hopeful in a situation that feels completely out of control. A lot of people are feeling defeated right now. We're full of anxiety associated with our society's pressure to become something more important than what we feel we currently are. We're constantly being told that if we're not moving forward (or able to prove how we've gotten to where we are with perfect checks and balances) then we can't be trusted or taken seriously. 'Are You A Dreamer?' is giving in to life's mysteries, picking yourself back up, and
continuing to go for it even in the face of a string of failures."


  • victoria said:
    i am in love with your music, so beautiful(: Mar 11
  • Dain said:
    DAIN. That is how I found you. Aug 22
  • Bryson said:
    "I am only human, anyway.." Denison Witmer, you're an angel to many for this music. Thank you Jun 09
  • danielle myers said:
    Wowza, I love you. Love love love love love, lots. You should make your way up to Canada sometime soon, ;) We'd love ya here. Mar 29
  • Brandon Chitwood said:
    i fall asleep to this stuff every night Feb 01
  • Jessica said:
    My friend Anthony Hall just released his 2nd EP. Honestly.. one of my top ten favorite pop/acoustic albums EVER! He said if he gets 500 request to put it up for free download he would do it! Check him out! The kid is talented! purevolume.com/AnthonyHallAcoustic Nov 30
  • Philly Venues said:
    Join me @ http://phillyvenues.org Where Philadelphia Venues and Worldwide Artists Tet Together Oct 07
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 29
  • I am;; Erica said:
    i just fell in love with yer music[: Jun 07
  • mahhhhh said:
    i loved ur music, is magic, is pritty *-* do u know Brazil? Mar 31
  • Juliet Ocean said:
    wow. soothing, melodic, beautiful. it makes me happy... :) Dec 13
  • abbeyrose said:
    beautiful music Jul 02
  • flightless thoughts said:
    i dig your style. check out my song at: http://www.purevolume.com/chrismullen Jul 05
  • rewind0010 said:
    This music is absoloutely amazing... The lyrics, wow. What can I say? They are so amazing. Keep rockin\'... i love your indie style. Jun 12
  • loves2run said:
    wow, your music is absolutely amazing. Mar 27

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