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Coheed and Cambria (Songs)


Genres: Progressive / Rock / Other

Location: Anaheim, CA

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Members: Claudion, Travis, Mic, Josh

Hey guys, this purevolume is for coheed and cambria. If your like me you have no money NO WORRIES! Thats why im here, just request a song and ill make it available for download.

and....check out my other purevolume (as i lay dying songs)


  • kody said:
    can you add the running free and devil in jersey city Sep 29
  • Gaebrielle said:
    can you add welcome home ? thanks Mar 27
  • John said:
    you are very awesome cladio santos youre my idol Jan 27
  • harley said:
    you should add all of in keeping secrets album kthanks Oct 20
  • arjay said:
    can you add more coheed and cambria songs? Sep 20
  • monsterax7 said:
    yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 18
  • Mars said:
    The Camper Velourium I: Faint of Hearts please! Aug 09
  • ronie said:
    here we are juggernaut. ;D Jul 27
  • monsterax7 said:
    the suffering and welcome home! Jun 22
  • to0to0t said:
    wake up :D Jun 18
  • abigail alibi said:
    Welcome home :) May 12
  • RenAce said:
    'wake up' or 'welcome home' ^^ Jan 10
  • pureindiecore said:
    EVERYTHING EVIL... Is the best music that i've heard. No words describe this song! Nov 05
  • In due time. said:
    anything live from in keeping secrets. insane. Aug 02
  • Cola said:
    feathers please!!..adn wtf Claudion??? May 31




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