These Stars Are Unrecognizable In Their Yearbook Photos

Once celebrities achieve stardom they often surround themselves with the best personal trainers, personal chefs, and full on glam squads to ensure they look completely out of this world. However, most celebrities started and just like us “normies” and certainly didn’t always look the way they do now! Check out this collection of celebs, sometimes you can actually tell who the person is, but sometimes they look like an entirely different person!

Before They Were Famous, They Were In High School


It’s natural that as you mature over the years and experiment with new styles and different looks, you typically develop an image you are pleased with. These celebrities and public personas (Oprah, Eva Longoria, and Anthony Weiner to name a few), are a perfect example and have come quite a long way from where they once were. Many of the famous faces we know and love today looked markedly different when they were younger. In fact, we’re going to look at some who look almost unrecognizable in their high school yearbook photos. Ever wonder what Alec Baldwin or Kirstie Alley looked like as teens? You’re about to find out.

A Rebel Since A Young Age


You can see from this old-school (get it?) picture of Madge, that she looked very different as a teen. If we just showed you this photo randomly and asked you who it was, you might struggle. But, knowing it’s Madonna you can certainly make out her recognizable features. We wonder if this was one of many looks the singer cultivated throughout high school. Madonna attended Rochester Adams High School in her native Rochester Hills, Michigan, where she was a cheerleader. Despite her good grades and participation in extracurricular activities, Madonna had the reputation of a rebel since a young age.

There’s A Madonna For Every Decade


The Queen of Pop is the master of reinvention. She has perfectly mastered how to reinvent her sound, style, and image to be relevant in every decade. But, she wasn’t always the pop goddess we know her to be today. As you can see from the old photo of her, there was a time when she was just a regular girl with nothing but a head full of dreams to guide her. That regular girl has come a long way since her days growing up in Michigan, earning the title of the best-selling female recording artist and the fourth best-selling act of all time according to the Guinness World Records.

An All-American-Teen-Turned-Gossip-Girl


This gossip girl was such a cute teenager! In fact, Blake has sort of a geeky look about her. She probably had no idea back then that she was destined to go on to great things. We’ll be honest, we think Blake looks pretty much the same here as she does now, just a little younger. There’s no doubt she has probably grown in self-confidence, too. The actress grew up in Los Angeles, where she attended Burbank High School. She was reportedly elected senior class president and was on the school cheerleading team. She was groomed to attend Stanford University had she not ventured into acting.

Blake Is A Blonde Bombshell


Fast forward ten years and she’s one of the most promising actresses in Hollywood. Oh, and she’s married to Ryan Reynolds, who is pretty much the best-looking guy in the world. The two are settled down and also the parents to two picture-perfect daughters, James and Ines. We bet her high school friends are sick with envy right now! While Gossip Girl and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are her best-known acting projects to date, Lively has had tried to shed those teen icon images with more serious roles in films like The Shallows, The Age of Adeline, and Green Lantern.

An All-Star Point Guard Before Politics


It’s not just actresses or singers who have transformed over time. Any idea who this is just from looking at the picture? We’ll give you a clue, she ran for and served as the Ninth Governor of Alaska from 2006-2009. She was also the Republican nominee for Vice President in the election race of 2008. Yes, you’ve got it! It’s none other than Sarah Palin. Palin was the head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Wasilla High School in Alaska. She was on both the girls’ basketball team, serving as co-captain and point guard during her senior year when she helped the team win the 1982 Alaska state championship.

“We’re Gonna Drill, Baby, Drill!”

“We’re Gonna Drill, Baby, Drill!”

Look at how fresh-faced and carefree Sarah looks here. This is a reminder of a simpler time before she immersed herself in politics. We wonder whether Sarah may enter the political arena again at some point soon. Jury’s still out. She certainly doesn’t hold back from publicly stating her mind and recently supported Trump in his successful bid for the presidency. Trump referred to Palin’s endorsement “as amongst the most sought after and influential amongst Republicans” and also said that “[She] is a friend, and a high-quality person whom I have great respect for.”

Jack Nicholson Was Always In Detention


Look at how attractive and enigmatic this young man looks. He certainly looks like he is already set to be a star. This is a yearbook picture of none other than legendary Hollywood star Jack Nicholson. If you look closely it’s pretty clear that this is Jack. You can tell by his trademark eyebrows and the mouth. In an interview with The Independent, Nicholson recalled, “I was always against authority, hated being told anything by my teachers, my parents, by anyone. At school I created a record by being in detention every day for a whole year.” Nicholson attended Manasquan High School in New Jersey, where the theatre and drama award at the school are named after him.

From Detention To The Departed


Jack Nicholson has now solidified his iconic status in Hollywood. He probably never imagined he would be destined for the success he has had. With three Academy Awards and a record-breaking 12 nominations, he’s one of the true gems of old Hollywood. Jack’s been taking it pretty easy as of late, one of the last films we saw him in was The Departed, alongside Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon. In the 2010s, Nicholson was noticeably absent from Hollywood, leaving the media to speculate that he had quietly retired due to his old age. But according to Vanity Fair in 2013, he was simply “less driven to ‘be out there anymore.'”

Zellweger Was Very Involved In School


If you look hard enough, you might recognize this Academy Award-winning actress. This one might be a bit harder as she has recently undergone quite a drastic transformation, although she still looks like the Renée we know and love. Look deeper, past the hair, and behind the eyes, and you may think she resembles a young Bridget Jones! Zellweger was heavily involved in extracurriculars at Katy High School in Texas, where she was a cheerleader, gymnast, and a member of both the speech team and the drama club. She also won third place in the Houston Post High School Natural Science Essay Contest in 1986 for her paper, “The Karankawas and Their Roots.”

Renée Zellweger Now Lives A Fulfilling Life


Yes, believe it or not, this is a young Renée Zellweger! Renee has always been a blonde beauty and was obviously a knockout even back in high school, as this picture shows. But her recent transformation has been unexpected. She claims it was the result of a new healthy lifestyle, but the world isn’t so convinced Renée. Zellweger responded positively to the criticism, telling People in 2014, “I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows… My friends say that I look peaceful. I am healthy. For a long time I wasn’t doing such a good job with that.”

He Could Have Been A Great Saxophonist


Even Presidents were young once, and this is a picture of one of our nation’s finest. This picture shows him as a fresh-faced young man, long before he entered the political world. He still has that charming and good-natured look that made him such a success. Oh, and did you know he was quite the saxophonist in school? That’s right, as a tenor saxophonist at Hot Springs High School in Arkansas, Clinton won the first chair in the state band’s saxophone section. In addition to his musical talents, Clinton was also a student leader and an avid reader.

Instead, He Decided To Study Law


Clinton’s musical talents were so great that at one point he even considered pursuing music as a career, but ultimately decided against it after being inspired by law during a mock trial in his Latin class. In his autobiography, My Life, Clinton wrote, “Sometime during my sixteenth year, I decided I wanted to be in public life as an elected official. I loved music and thought I could be very good, …But I knew I could be great in public service.” Bill Clinton changed America when he took office in 1993. Despite all the scandal that plagued his personal life, Clinton managed to become one of the best Presidents the United States has ever had. His third-way politics healed a lot of the wounds in the country at the time and drew support from Republicans and Democrats alike.

She Snuck Out Of Her House As A Teen


Wow. The woman in this picture is almost unrecognizable from the actress who shot to fame in the sitcom Cheers. The young Kirstie Alley in this photo looks a million miles away from the Hollywood Kirstie we all know. In fact, we reckon even Kirstie would struggle to recognize herself in this picture. Attending Wichita Southeast High School in Kansas, Alley was known to be a bit of a rebel. According to CNN, “She used to sneak out of the house with no makeup on when she was a teenager in high school in very plain clothes and then change into a vamp in the back of her friend’s car before they would go out to [use] fake I.D.s to get into bars and ride on the back of motorcycles with guys.”

Kirstie Alley’s Weight Has Been A Topic For Years

Kirstie Alley’s Weight Has Been A Topic For Years

While Kirstie has had a lot of changing looks over the years, we haven’t yet seen her return to her beehive-esque high school style. It just goes to show that anyone can change their look drastically over time. Kirstie Alley’s look has been a hot topic through much of her career, as she has experienced fluctuating weight in the spotlight. As a result, she has been a frequent spokesperson for Jenny Craig and has even made light of the topic with a show she co-created called Fat Actress. Nowadays, Alley continues to act and is also an active member of the Church of Scientology. A few years back she also made headlines after she competed on Dancing With The Stars.

It’s No Surprise He Was Senior Class President


Handsome. Well-groomed. Sharp suit. Great hair. Who else could this be but a Baldwin? But, which one? Well, there are plenty of Baldwin brothers to choose from, but, many people agree that Alec is the best looking. We think he must have been quite the heartthrob even back in his high school days. Baldwin is an alumnus of Alfred G. Berner High School in Massapequa, New York, where he was elected senior class president in 1976 and was on the school’s football team. To help out his family during that time, Baldwin took on a number of odd jobs which included being a lifeguard and bussing at New York City’s Studio 54.

Now He Is Known For Impersonating The President


Alec Baldwin is arguably the most successful of the Baldwin brothers due to roles in high-billing blockbusters such as The Departed and My Sister’s Keeper and he continues to perform and achieve success in Hollywood. He was married to the beautiful and beguiling Kim Basinger for almost ten years before separating in 2000. He also recently gained media attention in 2011, when he held up an American Airlines flight by refusing to shut down his phone before takeoff because he was playing Words with Friends. His most recent role has been a recurring stint playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

She Was Just A Girl Before Being In A Band


Look how normal and unremarkable Gwen Stefani looks in her old photo. Sure, she’s got those cute-as-a-button looks we all know and love about her. But, she looks like she’s got a pretty standard style and fashion sense. We know the No Doubt singer as being much more quirky and enigmatic with her style. Perhaps she developed this at a later age. The Orange Country girl attended high school at Loara High School in Anaheim, California. Before she became the successful lead singer of No Doubt, she was on the school’s swim team and was a talented artist.

Gwen Stefani Has Made A Name For Herself


This is the Gwen we have come to know and love! Her style as certainly morphed over the years from ska-punk-pop princess to edgy glamour queen. In recent times, Gwen has made the news for her high-profile split from Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, and subsequent romance with fellow The Voice judge, country star Blake Shelton. She continues to work on music and serve as a host on the popular TV show. She has also continued on with her solo career, releasing her third studio album in 2015 called This Is What the Truth Feels Like.

Emma Stone Left High School To Move To LA


Sassy. Beautiful. Funny. Intelligent. Likable. Talented. Interesting. These are just a few of the adjectives we could attribute to the lovely Emma Stone. She looks a lot younger and more fresh-faced in this picture, but she hasn’t changed that much. It is still clearly her, and she’s retained that wonderful natural beauty. Even in this picture she still has the kind of smile that could bring down empires. She attended Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona, which was an all-girl Catholic high school. Her time there didn’t last long as she dropped out after a year to pursue acting, finishing her GED online.

It Turned Out To Be A Smart Move


Most recently Emma can be seen starring alongside friend and heartthrob Ryan Gosling (we LOVE him!) in the critically acclaimed La La Land. She even ended up winning an Academy Award for the role! Emma certainly seems as though she will continue to land fantastic roles, and the skies the limit with her wonderful personality and smile. As of 2017, you can look out for Emma in her upcoming projects such as Battle of the Sexes alongside Steve Carrell (who played her father in Crazy, Stupid, Love) and in a Netflix original series called Maniac alongside Jonah Hill.

He Acted And Wrestled In High School


No prizes for working out who this legendary indie actor is. Steve Buscemi has one of the most recognizable looks in cinema, and that’s even without his iconic turn in Reservoir Dogs. Okay, his hair might look less-than-stylish here (come on Steve!), but he still has all the striking features that have helped to make him a huge star. Buscemi attended Valley Stream Central High School in Nassau County, New York. Given his lanky physique, it might come as a surprise to learn that Buscemi was on the varsity wrestling squad, but unsurprisingly, he also participated in the school’s drama troupe.

Now He’s A Gem In All His Roles


In more recent years Steve has been found lighting up the small screen with his role in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, where he played a 1920s crime lord. Surely Steve had no idea when he was simply a high school student with dreams of making it in the big city, that his dreams would actually come true. Well, Steve has certainly done himself proud, and all his classmates will know it too! Another surprising fact about Steve Buscemi is that he was a New York City firefighter in the early ’80s and when the 9/11 attacks happened, he showed up to his old firehouse to volunteer.

She Used To Work At Wendy’s


Struggling to place this beauty? Well, it might give you a clue if we tell you to look for her down Wisteria Lane! Got it yet? Well, if you still need a push we’ll reveal all – this is actually a young Eva Longoria. That trademark smile and those big brown eyes are enough to set this young woman apart from the rest. Longoria attended Miller High School in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was a Head Drum Major in the school’s showband and she also had a part-time job at her local Wendy’s for three years! Bet you wouldn’t have expected that, considering her character on Desperate Houswives!

Then She Got DesperateHousewives, That Is


The Texan of Mexican descent is best known for her commanding roles in The Young and the Restless and Desperate Housewives. Even back at a young age, you can see Eva was destined for great things. As they say, some birds aren’t meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright. She hasn’t been in front of the camera in recent years as she has been focusing on other ventures. In 2016 she launched her own sportswear brand and in 2017, she launched the site for her very own clothing line. She is also known for being quite the philanthropist, giving back to the LatinX community whenever she can.

Do You Think He’s Embarrassed By This?


Okay, let’s be honest, we all have embarrassing photos. You know, the ones your mom brings out whenever you bring a new boyfriend or girlfriend home. But, as embarrassing photos go, this one takes the cake. It’s a yearbook photo of a young Anthony Weiner, and likely one of those photos he’d like to get rid of as much as possible. Embarrassing photos aside, you might be interested to learn that Weiner actually took a special test to get admission into New York City’s specialized high schools, eventually graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1981.

Anthony Weiner Is Now A Questionable Politician


Amazingly, his high school photo isn’t the most unfortunate photo Anthony has had to face in his career. He served seven terms as the Democratic representative in Congress but resigned in 2011 following a sexting scandal that was made public. He attempted to return to politics by running for Mayor in 2013 but another scandal broke, and his run was unsuccessful. In 2016, it was revealed that he had gotten caught up in yet another sexting scandal. He really can’t seem to get it together, since as of 2017, he was involved in yet another scandal, but this time involving child pornography charges. He is expected to serve over two years and register as a sex offender.

Claire Danes’ So-Called Life


This graduation snap of Claire Danes shows the warmth and elegance of the Hollywood star. Danes achieved stardom at a very young age with TV show My So-Called Life, and then the lead in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, at the age of 17. Even though this is an early image of the Emmy-winning star shows her looking very similar to how she looks today. Danes attended the prestigious Dalton School in New York City before transferring to Lycée Français de Los Angeles when she moved out to Santa Monica to star in My So-Called Life.

Claire Danes Is Now On Homeland


Acting since a young age, Dane’s career continued to skyrocket throughout the ’90s. After making 13 movies in five years, Claire took a sabbatical from acting to attend Yale University in 1998. Director Oliver Stone wrote her a letter of recommendation! After two years at Yale, Danes dropped out and returned to acting. She can recently be found starring in the Showtime political drama series Homeland. She is currently married to actor Hugh Dancy, who she met while filming Evening in 2006. The couple has one a son named Cyrus who was born in 2012. Danes was recognized as an iconic actress in 2015 when she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jeff Bridges Took An Early Interest In Acting


This cool “dude” would likely be more recognizable with long hair, sunglasses, and a clapped out old motor. We’re talking, of course, about Jeff Bridges. Young and fresh-faced here, Jeff looks a million miles away from The Dude in The Big Lebowski or tortured alcoholic country star Bad Blake in Crazy Heart. Bridges was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where he attended University High School. Before graduating in 1967, Bridges was not only on the yearbook staff, but he was already on the way to becoming an acting talent when he was in his senior class’s production of Romanoff & Juliet.

Jeff Bridges Is Now A Hollywood Icon


While Jeff certainly maintains an air of mystery around him, he has also completely embraced his “well-read” look. You probably didn’t know that Jeff has an older brother, Beau Bridges, who is also an actor. Jeff is still active in film, even at the age of sixty-seven years old! He still looks dapper and well-groomed, and we’d expect nothing less. In September 2017, Bridges told Daily Mail that he often thinks of retiring: “I do my best not to work because I love doing other things – I’ve got a band going and I love ceramics and photography. But then I just keep being offered these wonderful assignments. It’s like that Al Pacino line from The Godfather Part III, ‘Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.'”

Oprah Winfrey Was Destined For Success


This young girl probably had no idea that she would grow up to become one of the most powerful women in the world. The innocent and carefree look on her face shows a young girl just enjoying her life as it currently is. Oprah probably had no idea she was destined for the kind of wealth and success she’s experienced. Winfrey was on her way to becoming a media mogul since her years at East Nashville High School when she worked part-time at a local radio station reading the news. Winfrey took her school’s speech team to second place in a national dramatic interpretation contest, skills that later earned her a full scholarship to Tennessee State University, where she studied communications.

She’s Now One Of The Most Successful Women In The World


But, Oprah Winfrey is a name all of us know, and for good reason. Her talk shows have become an inescapable part of American TV culture. This remarkable woman actually had a relatively difficult adolescence but was able to use her hardship to propel her to success. She is now one of the most successful and wealthy celebrities in the world. Although The Oprah Winfrey Show has been off the air since 2011, Oprah has still been able to project her presence on our screens with her own television channel, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. As of 2017, Oprah was announced as a special contributor on the Sunday evening news program, 60 Minutes.

Tara Reid Was So Unassuming Back Then…

Edited Small 1.jpg

Look how different Tara Reid looks in this picture. Her youth and innocence are still here, and she hasn’t entered the mainstream acting world yet. Of course, we know she would go on to shoot to fame in American Pie and the original Van Wilder alongside Ryan Reynolds. But she looks so different here that we’d barely know it’s the same Tara Reid! Reid has apparently switched high schools a lot, attending both Ramapo High School and John F. Kennedy High School, before finally graduating from an alternative high school called Barnstable Academy. After graduating, she decided to pursue acting full-time in Los Angeles.

A Lot Of People Became Concerned For Her


In recent years Tara has endured battles with addiction that caused her to take some time out of work. The star seems to have turned over a new leaf and is working toward getting her career back on track. Her most recent forays with the Sharknado movies have entered cult classic status and made her something of a star once again. In addition to re-entering the spotlight with her Sharknado status, Reid has released her own swimwear line and even her own perfume, Shark by Tara. Reid also stars in the film Worthless, which deals with the hazards of bullying, an issue that Reid says she relates to since she is constantly body-shamed for how thin she looks.

Robert Downey Jr. Dropped Out Of High School


The cheeky grin probably gives this one away. Weirdly, this photo actually looks a little bit like a young Simon Cowell, but it’s a young Robert Downey Jr. The star almost succumbed to addiction at a young age and his career suffered accordingly. He probably never imagined that things would get to that stage. Before they did, Downey was just a young 13-year-old with dreams of making it big. Having moved to Los Angeles with his father in 1978, Downey attended Santa Monica High School with the likes of Sean Penn and Emilio Estevez. However, he would drop out two years later to pursue acting full-time.

RDJ Is Now The Face Of A Superhero Empire

RDJ Is Now The Face Of A Superhero Empire

Luckily, after Robert had a stint in jail, he re-emerged and was able to successfully battle his addiction. Soon he was back on the path to Hollywood stardom and underwent a career rebirth starting with Iron Man. He has since gone on to become the face of the Marvel movies and has been wildly successful. And, though sporting a goatee and a few more wrinkles, he still has that cheeky side to him as well. Downey has reportedly been sober since 2003, a feat that he says wasn’t possible without the help of his wife, producer Susan Levin, whom he married in 2005. The couple now has two children.

Elizabeth Banks Worked Hard For Her Fame


This blonde bombshell you probably recognize as Elizabeth Banks. No, she’s not dressed up playing a role here, this is just a young photo of her. You can see from this picture that Liz was always destined for big things. That beaming smile, sandy blonde hair, and those deep blue eyes ensured she was going to be a star. Banks got her start in acting after trying out for one of her school plays. In 1992, she graduated from Pittsfield High School in her native Massachusetts. She then attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she met her husband, producer Max Handelman.

Elizabeth Banks Is Now The Sixth-Highest Grossing Actress


And, as we know, Banks has become a big name in the movie world. First as an actress, and more recently behind the camera. She produced the movie Pitch Perfect and also directed its sequel, both of which were produced under Brownstone Productions, which Banks owns with her husband. You might also recognize her for her role as Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games trilogy. The 43-year-old has also been named as the sixth highest-grossing actress of all time. It looks like Banks has no plans of slowing down her career, as she is the spokeswoman for and Old Navy. You can also catch her in the Power Rangers reboot and an upcoming third installment to Pitch Perfect.

Just A Regular High School Kid


In this yearbook photo, Tom Hanks looks like any other high school kid who’s just trying to fit in. Just look at that long, wavy hair and his stylish bow tie. Hanks was born to a cook and a hospital worker, and their family moved frequently. About his high school years, Hanks had this to say to Rolling Stone magazine: “I was a geek, a spaz. I was horribly, painfully, terribly shy. At the same time, I was the guy who’d yell out funny captions during filmstrips. But I didn’t get into trouble. I was always a real good kid and pretty responsible.”

Billion Dollar Man


After high school, Hanks studied theatre, telling New York magazine that “[a]cting classes looked like the best place for a guy who liked to make a lot of noise and be rather flamboyant.” It was a good move. Today, Tom Hanks is the third-highest paid actor and filmmaker in the world, whose movies have raked in a cool $9 billion across the globe. Some of his top titles are Splash, Big, Sleepless in Seattle, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway… the list keeps going. Hanks has even received a Presidential Medal of Freedom and the French Legion of Honor. He’s been married to wife Rita Hanks for nearly thirty years, and they have two sons together. Hanks has two sons from a previous marriage.