These Stars Are Unrecognizable In Their Yearbook Photos

Once celebrities achieve stardom they often surround themselves with the best personal trainers, personal chefs, and full on glam squads to ensure they look completely out of this world. However, most celebrities started and just like us “normies” and certainly didn’t always look the way they do now! Check out this collection of celebs, sometimes you can actually tell who the person is, but sometimes they look like an entirely different person!

Before They Were Famous, They Were In High School


It’s natural that as you mature over the years and experiment with new styles and different looks, you typically develop an image you are pleased with. These celebrities and public personas (Oprah, Eva Longoria, and Anthony Weiner to name a few), are a perfect example and have come quite a long way from where they once were. Many of the famous faces we know and love today looked markedly different when they were younger. In fact, we’re going to look at some who look almost unrecognizable in their high school yearbook photos. Ever wonder what Alec Baldwin or Kirstie Alley looked like as teens? You’re about to find out.