‘Shaken, Not Stirred’ — The Ups And Downs Of Pierce Brosnan’s Life

Most people know Pierce Brosnan as the actor who portrayed special agent 007 — or should we say, James Bond — for many years. What many don’t realize is that Brosnan is a person who has faced many struggles throughout his life. He was abandoned by his father, suffered tremendous loss in later years, and still managed to find success as an entertainer.

He is beloved around the world, not simply for his good looks, but also for his ability to make you understand and become empathetic with his character. Check out some unknown facts about your favorite Irishman actor Pierce Brosnan.

A Tough Start In Life

Portrait of Irish actor Pierce Brosnan sitting behind an office desk dressed in a suit and tie,
Jeremy Fletcher/Redferns/Getty Images
Jeremy Fletcher/Redferns/Getty Images

Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland in 1953. His father was a carpenter, but Brosnan doesn’t remember much of him — he ended up leaving him and his family while Brosnan was still an infant. Because of the financial difficulties due to his father leaving, Brosnan’s mother moved to London, alone, to become a nurse. Brosnan was raised primarily by his grandparents during this time.

Brosnan’s mother would remarry and moved the family to Britain. It was a difficult move for Brosnan, as his Irish accent stood out in school (he was even nicknamed “Irish” and made fun of for his background). But there were a few good moments: during this time, Brosnan’s stepdad took him to his first James Bond movie.