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Bob Go Home


Genres: Pop Punk / Powerpop / Rock

Location: Lavras, Brazil

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4 tracks

Members: Eduardo, Alessio, Lucas, Danilo, Hugo

Pop PunK It's JuSt a WaY tO hAvE FuN!!!!

Bob Go Homeis a pop punk band from Brazil, and they just released the first demo called "Sunny Days In a Freezer". The album is dedicated for all pop punk fans in the world, for who likes to listen music, drink, dance, mosh and get crazy jumping in everywhere.

With Exciting songs, and lyrics talking about girls, summer, politic, fears, paranoids, 'till the romantic songs, the band is growing up and getting knower by more and more people every day from differnte places in the world. Together since 2003, the band started at the High School just for fun. Today the band it's a serius project, but they can't wait for the next tour and mosh kids broking everything on the bob's concert!

Sunny Days In a Freezer is:

01 - I Don't Wanna Miss My Life
02 - The Time We Had
03 - Dying In Pieces
04 - Summer Party
05 - Have You at My side
06 - Out Of Time
07 - My Problems
08 - Want You Back
09 - What's Happening To Me?
10 - Bob's Mom
11 - Long Road
12 - Walking Alone
13 - My Friend Alien
14 - The Last Dance

Every Week a demo song from the album will be disponobilizated for you listen.
Soon the album will be released, and you will can buy it!

Bob Go Home:
Alessio - Vocal
Eduardo - Guitar
Hugo "Guin" - Guitar
Lucas - Bass/ Backing Vocals
Danilo - Drums

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  • Dennis_ said:
    You guys roxx... Just push play!!!!!! Apr 14
  • Kame said:
    Hi ! That\'s a while I hadn\'t add a comment here. Hope you are well and still have fun ! Kiss to you all and stay the same ones, you\'re great ! Rock your country and more ! Kame. - Mar 05
  • anti_government said:
    you guys rock!!! Feb 01
  • anti_government said:
    you guys rock!!! Feb 01
  • Alka said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 31
  • Karpenter's Kids said:
    Hey, I really like your stuff! You guys sound like MXPX!!! Jan 17
  • rafaela_ramone said:
    huhuhu... f numero zerinhooo!! bob go home roxxx.. (sim namorada o luska tem!) AmoO mto vcs... Jan 12
  • Rachael1016 said:
    Brasilia? that\'s wonderous ~ Lucas, will you be my lover? Jan 11
  • Kame said:
    You\'re a great band, guys. Go on your music, good luck and I hope see you becoming kings of Pop punk ! Dec 27
  • said:
    how can i begin to talk about these guys? theres no way how to describe how good their sound makes me feel and how proud i am! ive seen them growing up and slowly become great musicians. cant wish anything but luck and success always!!!!!!!! love you al, guys!! * the number one fan! Dec 25

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