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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Punk

Location: Portland / San Diego / Anchorage, CA

Stats: 344 fans / 51,702 plays / 86 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jesse, Phil, Dodger, Darren, Matt

As of July 21st 2006 @ midnight, Blueturnswhite is no longer an active band. We decided to give it up for new ventures such as family, law school, and self- discovery. We are sorry to those of you who saw the light in us. We believed in this project from day 1, but it was too hard to remain a financially struggling group of guys. I hope that people can remember Blueturnswhite for always playing with the utmost passion and feeling. You all have been so kind and supportive over the years and we all appreciate the opportunity to play music that this society has provided. Peace- BTW

Check Out Jesse's New Group I NEVER HEARD THE BULLET!!!

Head on over to Blueturnswhite on MySpace to get all news and announcements. We are now defunct, so there will not be a whole hell of a lot.

Thanks for listening!Photobucket-VideoandImageHostingBlueTurnsWhite is a rock band from Portland Oregon. The name is an analogy for the way that life is about constant change. To me, Blueturnswhite means to come out of depression and into enlightenment. All of our songs seem to be about striving to reach an undeclared awareness of self and action. We aim to write songs that challenge us as musicians as well as please our melodic hungry ears. Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We have a bunch of news in the blog so hit it up! - Dodger and BTW Come say HI! over at MySpace...

Visit Blueturnswhite on Myspace.com

DOWNLOAD OUR EP "The Burden of Being" NOW on PUREVOLUME!!!


  • JJKJE said:
    plz check out http://www.purevolume.com/darkloud and tell us what you think. If you like it then become a fan and give us one more reason to write music May 13
  • Remifasol said:
    The Algorithm [MATHCORE.ELECTRONIC.PROGRESSIVE] : http://www.purevolume.com/TheAlgorithm Jan 11
  • ace_castillo said:
    blueturnswhite blueturnswhite blueturnswhite. . . . Oct 14
  • Myrl said:
    you guyz are good...should be more popular! My fave song of yourz: The Art of Deception. Love it! :) -M- Mar 04
  • EL1ZA. said:
    Hey guys, I love your song "The Art of Deception" Jan 28
  • frank said:
    hello guyzz,, nice songs good for you.,, Aug 31
  • lixnomeolvides said:
    you are a god band, i like your music :) Dec 09
  • BeCcaZz<3 said:
    GET BACK TOGETHER please u guys rock!!!!!!!! Feb 27
  • Idiots Rule said:
    You guys rock! Oregon rocks- my husbands fromt there- near Medford. I love your sounds and the flow of them. Hope to see you all play in GA if not, we make frequent trips to Oregon- so I\'d still have a chance! Feb 25
  • green_umbrella said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 24
  • TiMe2dAy said:
    dodger your music kicks its drew your kid cousin Aug 18
  • said:
    suks u guys broke up Aug 13
  • shelbyxslutface said:
    You guys should so play at my birthday. I don\'t think it\'s too far. Jul 23
  • Clear eyed threat said:
    you guys have these sweet, smooth chugging base lines, and very slick guitar riffs, you should get the fuck out of Portland and come down to Dallas, TX Jun 23
  • suckamothasucka said:
    H you guys are kickass Apr 15


Nov 30, 1999

The Burden of Being

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