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  • Lilly said:
    LOVE your song...Hello Dearest Love ....times up, she's gone away you had your time, but it won't stay... favorite part... Sep 07
  • Jenny said:
    you have no idea how amazing you are. May 06
  • Jamie Kristine said:
    J'adore! Apr 30
  • xopandamuffininc said:
    Hey whats up!! Apr 22
  • Erik said:
    saw them live last night in philly, pa. Great show loved every sec. Apr 15
  • Brandon Chitwood said:
    Favorite band along with copeland Feb 06
  • Daniel 777 said:
    appleseed "pink fuckinnn floyd" cast Nov 12
  • Passion:D said:
    in love with forever longing golden sunsets Aug 22
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jul 02
  • Colemanation said:
    awesome tracks! also, if you like Appleseed Cast, you'll love this new band i found www.purevolume.com/roadtobremen they're amazing!! Jun 23
  • Joe Melhuish said:
    Appleseed Cast are amazing. check out these guys as well, purevolume.com/thecoloradoonline Mar 14
  • Hanah Nycole said:
    CHECK OUT OCEAN DOSE!! purevolume.com/oceandose Feb 07
  • RiseFallRepeat said:
    To Appleseed Cast: Your music is so intricate and awe inspiring that often i find myself putting in one of your cd's and not being able to move or do anything but listen. There's so much to grasp and yet its just so damn beautiful. I have pondered more shit while listening to the "End of the Ring Wars" and "Low Level Owl 1 and 2" than at any other time in my life. Its not all like that though. If i have had a tough day nothings better than sitting back with a little AC. Easily one of the greatest bands i have ever heard in my life. thank you guys for making music. Nov 07
  • tiia. said:
    on reflection is amazing. you guys are my favorite band. no joke (: Sep 10
  • abbeyrose said:
    wowww i just found you guys, and im so glad that i did!! i love your music Jul 02
  • eXoSpace said:
    Come to Miami Plz Apr 01
  • Lessthan3 said:
    you guys are amazing... Jan 06