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Genres: Acoustic / Other

Location: Louisville, KY

Stats: 3 fans / 131 plays / 72 plays today





11 tracks

Steve Mings/ Vocals-guitar
Sheldon Campbell/Percusion/ Backing Vocals,Keyboard

Calloon is a band that reformed after orignally going by the name Calloon Fuaim, which mean band then New Sound. The name came from old Irish Caelic which was said calluin fuaim (Call loon Fu-aim) The same roots in the name is now just Calloon, since it is easier to say for those that are not familier with Irish Language. In 2006-07, The Band played as a full band with four members but started out as a two person band. But due to a ex band Mate who stole 2,000 dollars from Steve Mings, the band disbanded, But reformed after playing playing at the Calvin Presbytarian Church. The band has matured and now takes a different Approach in Gengre. Back then it was Punk and Grunge metal like, now takes a bit of a more R&B Soul with pop style.



Starting Over Ep

Jun 03, 2013


No release date

Moon Over The City.

No release date

The Mind Shift

No release date

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Sydney, Australia

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