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Bat Eats Moth

I'm just a bat trying to catch a moth...


Genres: Metal / Experimental

Location: Hinesville, GA

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4 tracks

Members: Michael Anthony Marshall

Bat Eats Moth is the experimental gothic metal band project of Michael Anthony Marshall, who has been playing bass guitar since 1988.

I was a 432 Hz artist, but I am transitioning to 430 Hz tuning (classical pitch). After long consideration, I do not want to be associated with the movement associated with 432 Hz. The resonance effects people experience from 432 Hz tuning are more pronounced with 430 Hz tuning, so I find it a better fit for my music. It also doesn't have any superstitious notions or conspiracy theory notions attached to it.

I have posted some demos recorded tuned to 430 Hz to give listeners a taste. Stay tuned for coming commercial releases.


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430 Hz demo tracks

Mar 29, 2017

Demo tracks

No release date

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