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  • Former said:
    i just want to take a moment to tell you that your music is fucking amazing Aug 30
  • Michael said:
    Just broke 43,000 plays on my SoundCloud. Thank you to everyone who's checked out my new songs :) Nov 06
  • Michael said:
    my soundcloud has 43,000 overall plays and im definitely going to die inside when it hits 50,000 Nov 06
  • Michael said:
    We hit 10,000 song plays @ PureVolume.com today! Nov 06
  • Michael said:
    Just hit 10,000 plays for today on @PureVolume thanks to all of you wonderful listeners. Keep them coming! :) we love you all Nov 06
  • kkk said:
    hail fucking Satan you nigger lovers. Jun 20
  • ^v^ said:
    the thirteenth step is quite another descension.... Jun 20
  • Z0H0E :) said:
    always at the top of my music playlist!!! MICHAEL Jun 20
  • ashley said:
    You can't put a price on talent. These guys were born to play music. They've just inspired awe and wonder in me. Jun 20
  • sequitur said:
    13th step=relapse Jun 20
  • putona said:
    Do you really want to know what the thirteenth step is? For all that is human, it is to live, for all that ? that with all the twelve step programs in the world, the thirteenth step is death, simple math my friends, if you oversee the beauty in this album then commit suicide, that is the ultimately the 13th step, die if you want to, LIVE THROUGH THIS, BE A BETTER PERSON, and isolate yourself from yourself.......... Jun 20
  • putona said:
    13 step is what people from aa / na call it when you start going to dating girls or dudes from the meeting Jun 20
  • Darn said:
    13 stepping is a AA term . When u go to meetings to just hook up. Jun 20
  • i shit said:
    I know this album is known for helping recovering addicts but is the title "Thirteenth Step" referring to the final step after the twelve step program? Where the Thirteenth Step is either living with the damage and temptation for the rest of your life or the Thirteenth Step meaning you fall back into the hole of addiction, repeating the endless cycle... Just a thought and hopefully somebody will add or tell me another possible theory. I'd love to hear it, honestly Jun 20
  • Former said:
    Music. It's my gateway drug, this is my H. Jun 20
  • TWIRLERCHICK89 said:
  • josh_boi@hotmail.com said:
    Best lineup they ever had. Jun 20
  • 12 said:
    One of my favorite Grunge Bands #90'sruled! Jun 19
  • alter said:
    That mid 2000's Rock Spotify playlist reminded me how I would go to Warped Tour every year & suffer sunburns just to watch my favorite bands Jun 19
  • mike said:
    if we had more music like this now there wouldn't be so many pissed off people Jun 19