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Zoltan The Band

Post Hardcore from the heart of Eastern Europe


Genres: Post Hardcore

Location: Riga, Latvia

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4 tracks

Members: Agris - Guitar/ Vocals, Karlis - Guitar, Eduards - Bass/ Vocals, Einars - Drums

Zoltan is a four piece post hardcore band from Riga, Latvia. The Band was formed in 2002. Since then, the band has gone through many lineup changes, also there is a big difference between nowadays musical genre and past. In autumn, year 2008, Zoltan recorded their debut EP record called "Suffer For The Goods" which they realeased on January 23rd 2009. In autumn, year 2009 the band announced an infite hiatus, that was because of two band members leaving the country. Before that, the band recorded four more songs. In June, 2010, Zoltan reunited.



Leaving [EP]

Nov 07, 2009

Holly Loftice

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