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Zella Mayzell


Genres: Emo / Punk / Post Hardcore

Location: Crofton, MD

Stats: 939 fans / 168,719 plays / 30 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Andrew, Chris, David, Joey, Clint

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The Murder, Porn, and Fatherhood E.P.

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voted in the february issue of Alternative Press as "Top 10 unsigned bands in America". This was a readers poll so we thank any and every of you whom may have casted a vote for Zella Mayzell!

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All artists hope to defend the heart, defend their convictions- never compromise. At least we hope all artists do. We know many don't succeed, they sell out or buy in- or just plain give up. In their youth they are invigorated, enlivened and inspired. They want to fight against, rise above, and stand tall.

It's sad, it's a phenomenon that seems to creep up on the individual like a silent killer, or a mind altering disease. Fans scream out in question, what happened to the people, the musicians who used to enlighten with such honesty and sing with such poignancy? Where is the relevancy?

It's not just in music, it's everywhere- and not only in the art world.

But as artists, Zella Mayzell feel a responsibility. Not to be idolized, not to look down on or judge those we consider "fallen" or "complacent". As artists and as humans we are as flawed as the next group on the next wave of whatever the "next big thing is". There are no delusions of grandeur- only a hope that we can fight against the temptations and woes of the art and business world- for a purpose. To get the music out there, without watering down, without whiting out a single line written. To get the music out there and inspire rock out sessions on long car drives, to inspire listeners to stand up and try harder. To get the music out there for the times when doors are slammed in anger or hands are held in solace. We want more than anything to chase after the feeling that we have now in our youth all the way into our respective futures. The feeling that we are all here for a reason, the words we say, the relationships we build, the lives we intersect with- and the songs we sing- do matter, and matter greatly.

Not for ego, not for attention, and not for fame- but because we're all in this together and making music is for us, helping out the best way we know how.


  • alejandro =D said:
    uuuh...sta bno ste grupo!!!!si q m ha gustado su musica=D!!!ya m imagino un grupo d estos viniendo a El Salvador!!xD Jun 27
  • MissSeptum said:
    OMGSH!!!!! what happended to target demographic? Mar 02
  • TakingBackThurrsday said:
    okay, so about 10 months ago i searched \'i wear my sunglasses at night\' on iTunes and expected the corey heart version to come up. as always, iTunes didnt have what i wanted, but instead it had a killer acoustic cover of the song by some band i\'ve never heard of. i figured, what the hell, it cant be all that bad, and i downladed it. tuut, that new band i\'d never heard of was amazing and became my new obsession. you guys are AMAZING! come to boston and play a show here please?! come to anywhere in the northeast, for that matter, and i\'ll be there. x3 Dec 30
  • fuuccckkkk said:
    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! all i listen to lately is zella mayzell!! Nov 12
  • masonkazerxxx said:
    Im from Maryland but moved to SC and I miss my local B-more/DC music. So you guys should book a show in Columbia or Charlotte or Spartanburg. Sep 24
  • StealRainbowsFromTeardrops said:
    The 80 in a 25 video is amazing. I love the fact that this song actually means something and isn\'t just some stupid rambling put to music. Sep 17
  • xXKrystleXx said:
    Hey you guys rock.. if you wouldnt mind.. Could you maybe post some info about your band? or maybe comment me back? Im just interessted! anyways thank you if you do! and if not.. then you suck! jk.. thats cool..have a rad day Sep 11
  • cien001 said:
    I love you guys. No really, i do. It\'s like, you have your own unique sound, but at the same time it\'s perfect. ^^ haha Sep 04
  • fuuccckkkk said:
    you guys are amazingg. i love your music Sep 04
  • sweetskull said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 03
  • lyre the girl in the glass box~ said:
  • lyre the girl in the glass box~ said:
  • tessa14 said:
    nice music hot i think come and play in otttawa,canada some time ill be in... Aug 28
  • chancrous said:
    Come to MA, ftw. Aug 08
  • amanda said:
    i love your music... Jul 28

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