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The Rising End Final

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Added May 16, 2008

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Comments (5)

  • GDC said:
    Zao! Yea em rep Spirit-filled hc! Daniel Wayendt is a posi' +the other guys, they actually toured w/Evergreen Terrace! Oct 20
  • XxMajikNinjaxX said:
    I have always said it. my favorite band is and always will be Zao. Jul 19
  • Scarlett Rose said:
    i LOVE this song!!!! really clean transitions from each time the beat changes! May 03
  • HillaryHAVOC [Back in Black] said:
    Nathan, I agree! May 02
  • Nathan Kalsek said:
    exterme musical talent to change the beat of the song 3 times and make it sound good. this band rulz! Apr 29