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Genres: Christian / Hardcore / Post Hardcore

Location: Santos, Brazil

Stats: 26 fans / 3,827 plays / 18 plays today






Members: [ Raphael Guitar ] [ Klaybson Drums ] [ Diego Guitar ] [ Erick Bass ]

Trust, Hope and Mosh.


  • DJ-MTH$ said:
    Great songs! Check out my music http://www.purevolume.com/mths Dec 23
  • Joce~ said:
    decent :) keep it up. make it for Jesus ^_^ Nov 22
  • Kishane said:
    Hey brother. I would repeat what everyone else said but I think you've got the jist of it my friend. Listen, God is with us and the fact that you've already been bashed because you have decided to follow jealously after Him secures your salvation, branding you with the same marks that Christ :D. If the world hated our Master first, it is bound to hate us just the same my friend. And thank God for that, because who are we that we should be called worthy to suffer in the same maner of or own shepherd and savior. We are not in the least bit deserving on our accounts. But Christ removes the veil that once covered us and our infirmities and washes us with His blood, calling us His own. And now we are blessed not only to one day be glorified as He is now, but to suffer as He did. And are the present sufferings even that great that they should be compared with the glory that are soon to be poured out on us? I declare not. Brother I love you, the brothers and sisters who have been blessed with hearing your music cherish you and God treasures you more than all of us. Grace and peace and glory and life stay with you my brother. Amen Aug 19
  • ^.LoVe.&.HaTe.^ said:
    I Love God... I Agree Trust Hope Mosh!! Jesus Is My SuperMan!! Apr 14
  • My Heart Is Fueled By HATRED said:
    dude. too badd you are so far away. i would join your sound. i sing and scream. formerly for bands called WHYDIETONIGHT Defience Of A Deathwish and am currently in A Cold December [for now] Mar 19
  • I Set Keagan On Fire. said:
    You know gods just like santa right? Feb 24
  • Chantelle Roberts said:
    Hey dude! :) What does your band name mean? Keep praising Jesus, He is too too worthy :) Feb 04
  • Lyn_ said:
    I am the new front vocal...pleasure 8) hahauahauaheuahe Jan 26
  • Screaming for Mercy said:
    ei cara, parabéns pelo trabalho, sua voz não é ruim não...só treinar e caminhar com nosso Senhor que você vai longe, fica na paz. Jan 25
  • Joe McMillon said:
    People are leaving some terrible things on hear. Your music is good. I will not say that it is ,by any stretch of the imagination, the best. But that is irrelevant to having a good sounding band. You have heart and soul and you trust the one who can give you victory over every enemy and every oppression so you have nothing to worry about. Your music will be awesome one day, you've just got to keep the faith and keep working on it. Take it from someone who knows. When I started, my own sister was trying to discourage me. Not purposely, but she would say that I had a bad voice and that my music had too many mistakes. The recording was terrible too. But that didn't stop me. I didn't let it get me down. I went right on making music. Now I'm working on my fifth album, I'm going to be signed soon, and people love my music and aren't distracted by the quality of the recording. The important factors in you having success are these: First you must trust in Christ that He has put this within you to sing. Second you must love yourself and your music. Third you must not care about what the people of the world say. Remember that they are of the world and you no longer are. You are of your Father, GOD. I know that you believe in yourself and that you are trusting God. I know that you will go very far and will see millions coming to the alter serenaded in your music. Stay at it. Stay strong. Stay encouraged and courageous. Be full of strength in the Lord. Stand firm, your ground. Rebuke your enemies by showing them love. Keep making music and trusting God and not man. You will go far, I promise. GOD BLESS!!! Jan 20
  • WyattMills said:
    Bro, you have an awesome heart. I don't know where you're at in Brazil, but there's a sweet ministry there that I think you'd like. It's called Global Awakening and is headed up by a man named Randy Clark, who is amazing. Anyway, keep up the hard work, bless you man! Jan 18
  • Seliphas said:
    Hey man, I just wanted to encourage you to keep your strength and faith up always and forever. You are doing a great thing for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Always remember, that you sing for your God and he is the only one that truly matters. Despite what people might say about your singing (good or bad), I will always find your music beautiful, because I can see that you are pouring your heart out to Jesus, and I can assure you that He finds it 100x more beautiful than I ever could imagine. Stay strong in Christs love and he will provide. God bless. Jan 13
  • CBD said:
    do a better job recording and stop playing acustis and you might sound better Jan 09
  • Bools said:
  • cockbreath said:
    hey, this stuff is terrible. stop telling everyone to listen to it. Jan 06




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