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  • Ashley said:
    Based on the first 55 seconds of This Song Isn't Metal: You guys definitely got good bones. Just build on it. Practice your screamo more; it kinda sounds drunk. Make the listeners what to hit repeat. Make it epic-sounding. More bass and stronger guitar. I like the beat in the background, though. I don't like the laughing, but that's just me. =) Nov 24
  • life fades but the word stays 777 said:
  • Austinshoes said:
    u guys suck Jun 23
  • Haley! said:
    HEY! im from mass!!!! wow...good to see an awesome band from here... May 12
  • Blondeiamsam said:
    Thanks for keeping your account! Aug 21
  • Blondeiamsam said:
    Are you still making your own music? (Just making sure) Aug 19
  • KAHUNASAN said:
    I like instrumental music......this is cool stuff.....you definitely have the chops......muiscally......vocals and lyrics can sometimes ruin a song.....so whatever happens with these tunes......they\'re cool the way the are....K Aug 19
  • quelastima said:
    lyri s is all you need, but the music is pretty sweet Aug 14
  • Erroneous Dave...and such. said:
    blah, blah, blah, someone else post a comment, jesus, theres only like ten up here Aug 12
  • [JustAnother_ModernSwinger] said:
    well i pretty much agree with everyone else. youve got awesome music. just add lyrics and you\'ll be all set. =] Jul 09
  • dark_velvet_rose said:
    i love the sound... its music to my ears... great job david! good luck! Jul 09
  • TIMO15 said:
    hey Jul 02
  • said:
    You guys are really good.But you do need to add some lyrics ^-^ the sounds is killer though.Keep on Rockin\' Jun 30
  • commonlyknownas said:
    i got only one beef..........does the term lyricly challenged mean any thing to you? Jun 27
  • *DIE-hard-listener* said:
    ur very welcome, keep up the good work faith Jun 18
  • *DIE-hard-listener* said:
    i like ur music. its pretty neat.. faith Jun 18
  • crazycaitlin said:
    Beautiful, I can see your little tiny boogers! Rahr! Pretty cool music though dude. Awesome names too, tehe. I\'ll add you for sure. One more thing, you have pretty eyes. Rahr! Apr 23
  • will3443 said:
    DAVID UR MY HERO ROCK OOOON!!!!!!!!!! Apr 22
  • said:
    haha niice david.... Apr 21