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Genres: Experimental

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

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Members: Benjamin | Chad | Joey | Jonathan | Stephen

Although YOURS FOR MINE technically did not form until 2006, the five members of this Harrisonburg, Virginia band have been creating music together in various groups for much longer. This long-time familiarity with one another has helped to foster their tight-knit and focused approach to music that has most recently culminated in their debut full-length, Dear Children.

Often referring to themselves as "weekend warriors," YOURS FOR MINE have not let their hectic lives outside the band dissuade them from letting audiences hear their music across the country. Through numerous short tour stints, the band has ventured from New England to Texas and almost everywhere in between. This effective approach to touring has yielded wonderful results, both with a continually growing fan-base and a stability few bands achieve.

For the recording of their debut Dear Children, the band worked with Caleb Keiter, a friend of the band who just happens to be an incredible engineer as well. Having worked with the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Billy Ray Cyrus (to name a few), Keiter's resume speaks to his exceptional skills behind the boards and Dear Children serves as proof. Maintaining this level of quality, YOURS FOR MINE enlisted Kim Rosen (Radio 4, Franz Ferdinand, Dashboard Confessional, Jeremy Enigk) of West West Side Music to handle mastering the album. The final result encapsulates the energy and creative foresight YOURS FOR MINE has sought in their music since their inception.

With a spectacular album ready to be unleashed on the public, YOURS FOR MINE are sure to excite fans of aggressive, yet artful music everywhere.

"Dear Children" Available January 13th on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and most online digital music retailers!


  • Harvest Peach said:
    im wearing your shirt today. i still need to send you the money. ill do that later this week. love the music. ian Oct 04
  • X_waltzing___moore_X said:
    does one of you guys knows my best friend jed crowder, from woodstock?r reply if you do Mar 26
  • said:
    You guys are pretty dag on sweet Dec 08
  • Paul said:
    I Love you guys thanks for playing in Maryville come back soon! Sep 25
  • PutaBonita said:
    you guys are pretty damn cool hope you will play close to here again soonish Sep 12
  • xblood2bleedx said:
    the new song is awesome :D Jul 25
  • Existentialism On Prom Night112 said:
    You guys have awesome music. I can\'t wait to see you at the teen center! Apr 24
  • midget_rocker123 said:
    Hey Joey and Johnothan and Benjamin... Chan and Stephen I havn\'t met yet but anywhooooo I saw you guys had a new song and I wanted to say that that is spec-frickin-tacular Apr 05
  • ThriftStoreSweater321 said:
    I have your guys demo.... pretty good... you should scream more... peace. Apr 04
  • said:
    Wow, you guys are so mind-blowingly amazing. =] probably my new favorite artist. Loveeeee Jan 23
  • stoplightsatmidnight said:
    hey guys. awesome show and great cd. peace. Jan 16
  • 53Cent_ said:
    hi guys.. im sam. nice to meet you. Jan 06
  • brownie mix said:
    gooooooood stuff Jan 01

Dear Children

Jan 13, 2009


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