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Your Last Excuse


Genres: Pop / Rock / Indie

Location: Guelph, ON

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4 tracks

Members: Nathaniel Deshpande (vox/guitar/keys) Chris Mills (Bass/ bkg. vox) Arthur Harkins (guitar/ bkg. vox) Mike (the) Phoenix (Drums) Don Moore (guitar/bkg. vox)

Our New Album is coming soon, so stay tuned!


Photography is courtesy of Latent Image Studios


  • Schooly Don said:
    This is the best band I've EVER heard! I can't believe Sony or Geffen records hasn't offered them like 8 million bucks already!! Mar 23
  • x_mich_x said:
    i havent heard you in SO long; i've been looking for you guys FOREVER. i think you should put up all the songs you had before. the demo versions. (Y) Oct 31
  • MightyMaeve said:
    I would really like to hear you live at the benefit concert in Guelph on Feb 8th, 2008. I read that it is $8 at the door and it\'s at GYC (75 Cardigan St) but what TIME?! My daughter and I sing (repeatedly!) Take My Hand as loud as we can - we adore it. Jan 23
  • braking_belief said:
    Your amazing ( L ) Dec 03
  • kylaaxox said:
    hey you guys are amazing! saw you after your set tonight and talked to you for a bit and you told me to go here .... so here i am :P and still your song \"5 things i hate about u\" is still stuck in my head haha talk to you guys later Oct 28
  • xocourtneyxo said:
    heyyy love you guys post \"fight after fight\"! friggen Oct 09
  • Grace Miller said:
    oooooooh....awesomeness... Oct 05
  • alexmunch said:
    your the best Sep 30
  • kylamckee said:
    Natty, i love you. and you\'re music. lol i signed up on here for youth council purposes, but i add you to my favourites! Sep 23
  • YZgirl19 said:
    i love the song fight after fight. :D Sep 06
  • x_mich_x said:
    You\'re really good!! xD Aug 03
  • xoxo - kat said:
    omg.... i LOVE this!! Jun 26
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    New Podcast Out! Featuring: Kyle Wallace Your Last Excuse A Gene Punckbowee Andy and Me Sahara Hotnights and Horrorpops! check it out at http://kylewallace.podbean.com Jun 12
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    hey, i really like your sound. maybe i could play you in my next podcast. e-mail me for details, if you are interested. -Kyle Wallace blue216@rogers.com p.s. my music is @ purevolume.com/kylewallace & my podcast link is on there too. May 25
  • CCforlife said:
    yay! new stuff! I like it Natty! May 24

Your Last Excuse

Feb 06, 2009

You're Here Now

Nov 08, 2006

EP 2007

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