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your friends are dead


Genres: Hardcore / Post Hardcore / Metalcore

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Stats: 3 fans / 125 plays / 26 plays today






Members: ryan heil (drums) : eric parzynski (vocals) : javier oranello (bass) : jonny curtin (guitar) : dan baranello (guitar)

Your Friends are Dead was formed in late 2007 amidst the futility of what is Bushwick, Brooklyn. Members of Nightmare of You and Long Island grindcore heroes Buckshot Facelift team up with veterans of the mid to late 90s Buffalo hardcore scene to bring you a brutal mix of old school hardcore and post punk layered with metal shreds and lyrics splattering thoughts of war, love, hate, despair, and pride. Their five song demo 'no matter how long you live', released February of 2008, can be found available for download across the astounding interweb.

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Kenoza Lake, NY

Anthony The Hardcore Drummer

Melbourne, Australia


United States

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