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  • salamicrazy said:
    i wanna compose just like you! I LIKE IT ALOT!! :) Sep 16
  • (audri) said:
    Amazing! Sep 02
  • Febri said:
    E.P.I.C Aug 24
  • Margaret said:
    love love love Aug 23
  • danielle myers said:
    9068 plays and only 47 likes? That's ludacris! There should be 9069 likes! Aug 21
  • natalayyy said:
    BEST BAND EVER :'D Aug 11
  • Emma Lee said:
    This is amazing! I'm already playing My Body constantly, and I can't wait to get this one on my Zune! :) Aug 10
  • Luke Savidge said:
    bit windy aye Jul 29
  • adriana barbour said:
    So adorable! Jul 29
  • heartstar said:
    Sweet production quality that goes nicely with the song. Jul 29
  • Orange Amp Store.com said:
    Orange Amp Store.com Great stuff! Jul 29
  • eyeLOVEmxpx said:
    love it guys! i think it would be a bit better with an acoustic bass tho aha Jul 28
  • .alice. said:
    JUST LOVE. as always (: Jul 28
  • ER!KA SHMER!KA said:
    Jul 27
  • Jennieeatssparkles said:
    this song is beautiful. Jul 27
  • Spanish Green Eyes said:
    lovely(= Jul 27
  • casafras said:
    sooooo good! Where oh where can I buy this song? p.s. you guys should come to Denver! Jul 27
  • stephanie said:
    cute song Jul 26
  • Sharx Attack said:
    Samir, you kind of remind me of Kumar--in a good way. ;) I love you guys. I've been a fan since the start (back when you were The Jakes), and I'm still loving everything you do. I like the kind of Hawaiian feel to this song. Everything you do is amazing. Stay chill. Jul 22
  • drivininmycar said:
    i LOVE this video!!! the feel is amazing the look is great. good job guys you never fail to bring a smile on my face with your music. :) Jul 20