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Yellowcard (Punk goes Acoustic)


Genres: Punk / Rock / Alternative

Location: USA

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Members: Sean, Alex, Ben, Ryan & LP

The album "Punk goes Acoustic" by Various Artists was released in 2003 and was said to be a great album to just listen to. It contains songs such as "Firewater (Acoustic)" by yellowcard "Everything (Cover song)" by Yellowcard and other songs by Sugarcult, Finch, Thursday, Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday with one of their most popular songs "Cute without the E (Cut from the Team)" and other bands such as Rise Against, From Autumn To Ashes and other bands on the album.


  • ashleybear912 said:
    if you like this music, you should listen to David Lehr. He's superr hot. and has amazing music :) http://purevolume.com/thedavidlehr Aug 01
  • **pUnKaDudE** said:
    i like ur song guyz... its awesome... come 2 phillipines.. tnx.. :)) Jun 13
  • linds said:
    one year six months has been my favourite song for yearrs! u guys are awesome Apr 13
  • John Bennedict F Sioco said:
    i love you guys...im a fan of yours.. Mar 05
  • C h e l s e a. :] said:
    I love the violin dude!! :))) Jan 05
  • jenny said:
    i like it.. Apr 21
  • ashlei said:
    yayayyaaa yelllowcardddddddddd! Apr 07
  • ♥ CaSeY said:
    You guys came to utah-THE CONCERT GOT CANCELED THE MORNING OF!!!!! it broke my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo xo xo =\'( Jan 17
  • SARAHHLYNN said:
  • spaz x attack x said:
    wow i am so slow. sry i think i commented b4 sayin that one year six months wasnt yellowcard. i was wrong lol sry Jul 01
  • spaz x attack x said:
    omg i rlllllllllly like the one year six months song!! it sounds amazing!!!! but i dont think its yellowcard.. is it? anyway it sounds rlly good and i think u should post some more songs -melissa Jun 29
  • little_miss_chelsey said:
    you guys are simply amazing May 10
  • little_miss_chelsey said:
    you guys are simply amazing May 10
  • little_miss_chelsey said:
    you guys are simply amazing May 10
  • MrMikeyBlueEyes said:
    This is the worlds best band ever...Im sorry to tell the other bands:) Jan 14

Punk Goes Acoustic

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