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Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Rock

Location: Bar Harbor, NY

Stats: 100 fans / 5,341 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Daniel Buckley- Guitars, Joesph Micolo - Bass, Brian Calhoun - Drums, John Alaia - Vocals

Daniel Buckley - Guitars
Joseph Micolo - Bass
Brian Calhoun - Drums
John Alaia - Vocals

YEAR OF CONFESSION, from Massapequa NY, is a 4 piece band that sets aside all boundaries when it comes to making music. While distancing themselves from anything stereotypical, they remain able to generate a solid sound that appeals to a broad audience. Influential bands such as Faith No More, Pantera, Tool, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Candiria, and The Beatles, have all had a hand in sculpting this unique entity. While YEAR OF CONFESSION creates music that is deeply rooted in Metal, it is backed by a Rock and Roll approach that will live on forever.

YEAR OF CONFESSION has built a foundation of support within diehard fans that continues to grow today. Since originally forming in 2003, the band has made some needed changes to the line up in order to take the music as far as possible. With the arrival of drummer Brian Calhoun, came a confidence in bringing their goals that much closer. Year Of Confession has released two EPs on their own (Cycles of Man, and A Blood Decree), both of which are currently available through most popular download sites on the internet. Their music has been played across internet and college radio stations, and they have also made it to the Semi Finals in the Emergenza Music Festival. Hard work and self promotion has earned YEAR OF CONFESSION shows with artists such as Unearth, All That Remains, The Acacia Strain, Shai-Hulud, Trivium, Full Blown Chaos, The Sleeping, It Dies Today, and many others. Their intense live show can be seen captured in the March 07' issue of REVOLVER MAGAZINE. Some venues they have played include The Crazy Donkey, The Downtown, Club Ritual, The Living Room, The Stone Pony, and The Knitting Factory.

Songs from "A Blood Decree" can now be heard on the internet as a sample of things to come. Currently, new material is being written for a future release. These songs will showcase the bands refined writing ability, and prove to be the most natural yet. Stay Tuned!

BOOKING CONTACT: Band@Yearofconfession.net

Year of Confession - Li Metal.com


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    SAY YOUR PRAYERS!!! Of Death and Rebirth - The debut is finally here!!!!!! just in time for Halloween too. check out some preview tracks now available on purevolume Heaven Rains Blood page. happy hauntings!! Oct 18
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    plz check out www.purevolume.com/darkloud and tell us what you think. If you like it become a fan and give us one more reason to write music May 23
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  • jared said:
    u guys r alright the drumer is good! Mar 12
  • lokithegreat said:
    you guys are amazing Sep 24
  • ordinary6irl said:
    i love you guys [: Aug 29
  • said:
    my friend met you the other day and the next time you have a show nearby I\'m going w/ him and then friends that went w/ himm :DDD.! Aug 13

A Blood Decree

Jul 12, 2007

Cycles Of Man

Aug 02, 2005


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