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Genres: Rock / Metal

Location: Denver, CO

Stats: 4 fans / 47 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Sean Peck, Alex Giebler, Alex Peck, Cameron Corley. Tony Z

We are a hard rock band from humble Aurora, Colorado. Our ability to rock your soul is only surpassed by our ability to rock the stage!. Our hard-hitting, melodic sound is likely to leave you with a feeling of total awesomeness. Don't worry, this feeling is permanent and will only increase as we continue to play your favorite Devoutcast songs.

We combined the sounds of bands like A7X, BFMV, Ratt, and Metallica to create music that can only be described as one thing...WILD!

Our shows are exciting and totally wicked events! When Devoutcast takes the stage, it is impossible to stay in your seat. Your seat actually folds up and pushes you into crowd (true story). The music draws to your primal need to rock!...Sexually... ;D

So come rock with us!



Something Wicked EP

Apr 24, 2012