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Xray of a Graveyard


Genres: Metal / Experimental

Location: San Diego, CA

Stats: 20 fans / 2,195 plays / 9 plays today






Imagine walking into a graveyard on a beautiful Sunday morning, with the sun shining, a cool breeze blowing ruffling your hair and your clothes, you see a lawn that is kept close to perfection, statues of angels and memorials made by the best of sculptors. You feel at peace, and know that your loved one is resting in peace. Then you start thinking, "what is really underneath a Graveyard?" You will see decaying corpses slowly rotting to nothing while insects eat their insides, slowly turning what once was a human to dust. Beneath the graveyard it is not very pretty and peaceful at all. Beneath a graveyard is decay, death, and destruction. You get something similar with a lot of people you run into in your life. You will see a beautiful person on the outside, the more you get to know them, the more you learn about their spiritual battles and you realize inside they are just a decaying, rotting corpse. This is the meaning of the name X-ray of a Graveyard.

X-ray of a Graveyard is a prestigious band from San Diego. They are an extremely musically eclectic metal band, taking influences from genres such as; Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical, Death Metal, Grind Core, Hard Core, and many more. X-ray of Graveyard, former members of Dark Lay Still, reformed and created a powerfully brutal compilation. X-ray of a Graveyard is a new breed of music. While Dark Lay Still was based more strictly on the darker side of Christian metal, X-ray of a Graveyard is comprised of many different styles of music all for the love of Metal.

X-ray of a Graveyard consists of Aaron Long as the vocalist, Chris Porter and Paul Strauwald on Guitars, Robert Sivadon on bass, Kyle Hart on Drums, and Jackie Valentine on keyboards. Together, these members make X-ray of a Graveyard the brutal and musically diverse band that it is. By writing and performing their own material, the style of this band is quickly catching on in the San Diego underground music scene. With their upcoming demo, "Where the Body lies, there also the Vultures will be Gathered," the popularity of this band can only continue to rise.

We have enjoyed the right to perform with such bands as "XDEATHSTARX" , "Horsemen of the Apocalypse", "Thyne Scabbard", and many other awesome San Deigo bands. And soon to share the stage with "Jesus Wept", "Seventh Star" and "The Dog and Pony Show". Stay tuned for more shows to come.


  • luke ro$$ said:
    could you please tell me away i can get your cd i love your music but i cant downnload it anywhere its impossible Aug 04
  • Strype said:
    u guys rock cant waifor i cant wait for thedemot Aug 22


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