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Genres: Hip Hop / Alternative

Location: Encinitas, CA

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Shes Nuts is Wylde Bunchs newest video starring internet video star Liam Sullivan of Kellys Shoes and Muffins. Sullivans work has been virally circulated on the internet becoming popular on YouTube with over 19 million hits. Shes Nuts tells the story of a girlfriend who is Nuts for the oblivious, push-over boyfriend played by Liam.
Aint No Love in the Club is the lead single off their upcoming album Abuse Thys Substance, which finds Wylde Bunch at the top of their game. This joint is already bringing heat to the dance floor as an instant club anthem with a slick new video ready for airplay. Produced by hit-making team The Pharmacy (Crazy Town, Plain White Ts), this song rides a heavy beat with clever hooks, beautiful bridges, and humorous lyrics. DJ AM has been heavily rinsing the track in his club sets and says, This is a true bangerjust peep the production.
For Wylde Bunch, Abuse Thys Substance, out on Surfdog Records in early 2008, is a more ambitious and polished sound than ever before by a 10-piece band whose live shows take their music to even higher heights. The musical offspring of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sly Stone, Wylde Bunch have created an undeniable niche with their explosive sound and fearless genre mixing. To say the rock and hip-hop influenced alternative pop group Wylde Bunch blazes trails is an understatement. Comprised of family members and long-time friends, the South Central Los Angeles natives have pioneered a sound, infusing elements of rock, funk, and hip-hop music into an incredible pop sound. If there is perhaps a misperception by some that live bands arent a part of hip-hop and club music, Wylde Bunch is seeing to it that that myth is destroyed.
Raised in a neighborhood racked with social ills and the complexities of a relentless gang culture, the boys rarely went to parties. Instead, nighttime activity revolved around the band as they found sanctuary during jam sessions at the family home of singer/producer, Dame. Consequently, the frequent private performances began to produce some mind-blowing results leading to their critically acclaimed major label debut CD Wylde Times at Washington High on Sony. The group, known for their practical jokes and enough charisma to fill the Staples Center, has made a point to give back to the community by teaching music at schools lacking in funds in hopes to convey the power of music as a means to avoid the violence.
Their story and journey was even big enough to land a spot on The Oprah Winfrey Show featuring Wylde Bunch member Dame. They have since been a part of a series of tours, television appearances, major collaborations and features with music placements in movies, TV shows, video games, etc. (see attached).

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    Pretty cool stuff. Heavy. Thanks for befriending my band! Keep the music flowing. Aug 16

Abuse Thys Substance

Nov 30, 2007

Wylde Bunch

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