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Wrong Side of Dawn

Release show July 13 @ Frankensound, New Brunswick


Genres: Classic Rock / Indie / Acoustic

Location: N Brunswick, NJ

Stats: 1 fans / 52 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Nelson Pavlosky, Brian Rose

Wrong Side of Dawn is NOT "classic rock."

They say they're "classic rock," which probably means they're a cover band. But wait, they do original music? So I can't book them for this wedding and request one or twelve Journey songs? If they won't promise to play "Don't Stop Believing," they're definitely out of contention for any job.

"Classic rock" might refer to some of the most innovative and original music made during rock's golden age, but when a modern band says they play "classic rock," it pretty much just means: "We do a lot of Foreigner covers."

And if you do original classic rock, it's supposed to sound rootsy and retro, like something the Rolling Stones might have written, only without any hooks.

Wrong Side of Dawn's Stay Awake album definitely has some classic rock influence. The sound is layered and ambitious, like something out of The Who's Quadrophenia, or Queen's A Night at the Opera. But this isn't just a '70s cover band who got cocky one day and decided they could write. There is something distinctly modern about this eclectic set, as though someone put John Mayer and Jack White in the same room and forced them, at gunpoint, to re-write Led Zeppelin IV.

Do not pay any attention to Wrong Side of Dawn. They are not classic rock.



Stay Awake

Mar 17, 2010