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How to Live Longer, Healthier and Happier

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Interesting fact: Did you know according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, women born last year can expect to live to just about 84 while men can expect to live to 79 years of age?

Though this may seem to be a long time, research demonstrate that for most people, those final years are often plagued with serious illnesses, diseases or disability. The main reason why we're still living longer despite these health setbacks are thanks to the medical and technological advances that keep our hearts beating longer. Our life expectancy isn't increasing because we have been getting healthier; it really is due to medical intervention.
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So although we might be living longer, we're not living our life well. Our health and wellbeing and lifestyle choices (ie. eating healthily, working hours, physical activity, etc) are progressively getting worse and new information shows that babies born today get each year an extra year of serious illness or disability than these born 30 years ago. Which means many of us will end up tortuously enduring variations of illnesses, popping pills, undergoing surgery, taking medications, etc, instead of enjoying and living our many years to the fullest.

So what is the secret to living longer, happier and healthier? It is actually quite simple really and the only real problem is your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle.

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So if you're ready to start living longer, happier and healthier, here are 10 sure-fire methods to ensure that you will happy and healthy... for life.


1. Count your alcohol consumption: Alcohol is not only filled with kilojoules, it can also increase your likelihood of developing chronic diseases and irresponsible drinking is just plain bad for your body. At minimum, have a minumum of one or two alcohol-free days every week and no more than 2 standard drinks each day. If you can't bring you to ultimately put down that Smirnoff or beer bottle, make an effort to swap it for a healthier glass of dark wine. Red wine is full of antioxidants and is actually best for your heart and kidneys. Along with go skulling a whole wine though, moderation is the vital thing.

2. Quit smoking: Smoking affects your levels of cholesterol, damages the lining of the blood vessels, hardens your arteries, stains the teeth, causes bad breath, decreases fertility in women, causes lung cancer, lung diseases, dermititis, premature wrinkling and raises your chance of having cervical cancer as well as a heart attack. Enough said?

3. Get regular checkups: Getting regular checkups will limit the likelihood of having any nasty health-related surprises. Additionally, it enables your doctor to spot any serious illness/diseases at their earlier stages that may increase their chances of curing it. At the very least (ie. if you're generally healthy and well), have a blood test every 24 months or so to ensure your cholesterol and blood sugars are near normal levels.

4. Eat healthily: Consider this analogy: If you have a vehicle and you use crap petrol, will your automobile continue to run smoothly and well for a long period of time? No. Well, it really is exactly the same thing with your body; eat processed foods and the results will likely be reflected on your body as a whole. Get into a healthy eating habit/routine and notice the difference!

5. Have physical exercise: Staying active has physical, stress relieving, social and mental benefits which all contribute to help to improve the quality and quantity of your life. If you're too busy to go to the gym, try to incorporate small regular activities in your daily life. Leave your home an extra 15 mins earlier and walk to a bus stop which is 2 streets further down, or park your car slightly further away so you have to walk a little bit more to your destination. Little small changes can help and may lead to bigger ones!

6. Adjust your attitude: Our thoughts affect our health and wellbeing and a lazy mind could result in a lazy body. Hence, start thinking positively of you and the people near you. This mental activity will first translate into your actions in terms you act and react with yourself and those around you. Having a positive mind is a crucial key to living a happier life since you will find yourself more happy to take on challenges and relish the ups and downs of life. Read inspiring and positive quotes to help with your self-motivation and maybe stick your favorite quote in a place where you can always read and remember about it. This can help you overcome any physical or mental challenges and revel in whatever life throws towards you.

7. Sleep well: You require time to repair itself, also it does most of it as long as you're sleeping. So do your system and mind a big favor and take regular breaks to successfully get enough quality sleep in the evening. Try to stay away from drinking any drink which has caffeine in it (ie. coke, coffee, Redbull) after 7pm to assist get your body in a regular sleeping pattern. In stating that, it is also not good to oversleep as your body and mind can get up feeling even more lethargic. 7-9 hours of sleep is the optimum level of sleep time for many people, so set the alarm, grab your pillow colliding with the sack!

8. Love yourself and love others: Humans are social creatures which is thus important that we always communicate, connect, and take care of others. Stay all-around your friends and family and make a serious effort to hold in touch with them. Love your friends and relations, love yourself and love what you're doing with your life. Be a giver, not a taker and feel the love and appreciation from others surrounding you. Love really can increase the risk for world go round!

9. Live a balanced lifestyle: I know it is actually difficult to try and have time to do everything that is important for your requirements, but it is important that you do try. A good thing to achieving this is to buy organized and figure out what your goals are and just what you want to achieve.

10. Know yourself and take corrective action: If you know that you're a workaholic, obtain a diary, find a hobby and earn time for yourself and for you to enjoy yourself. If you do not exactly have the best diet on earth, try to start eating healthily and take vitamins and supplements. If you are struggling with weight, look for healthy recipes and natural tricks to assist and support you in your weight loss... and be sure you follow them. Critically evaluating your own self is important and essential in ensuring that any lifestyle change is a true life style change that will last your lifetime. Understand your weakness , nor be afraid to change and fix them. You will feel far more fulfilled when you do succeed and you will also become a better and healthier person with each passing day.

So why spend a large proportion of your life being sick? Younger you start, the longer you must enjoy your healthy lifestyle and the less likely you will end up suffering from health issues especially at an older age. These 10 tips and healthy routine is very doable and simple, and they can make a massive difference to your health. So result in the commitment today and initiate being healthy, living longer and enjoying life!


Posted Nov 05, 2015 at 6:53am