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  • Frenchgirl said:
    just amazing ! Very amazin! I like it ! May 02
  • david garcia vazquez said:
    oooooooo Dec 12
  • becky.soltys@gmail.com said:
    i love you guys Oct 29
  • AprilSays said:
    Hey guys, love the music. "Here" is awesome. If anyone is reading this and has the time, why not check out my music at www.purevolume.com/heyapril I've played guitar for four years now and I love it so much. I'm not much of a singer, so my music is just guitar. Give my music a listen and I hope you like it :) Oct 21
  • manda said:
    ohgod. i love you guys so much~ keep driving is my favorite. Sep 17
  • Monique Tackling said:
    Love :D Jun 13
  • Amy said:
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  • Chaudalyn Ogawa said:
    This is very pleasant Jun 08
  • Nealey! (: said:
    I really like this (: May 09
  • brooke. said:
    woahhh amazing vocals! you guys are so great(: Feb 08
  • THAT ONE GIRL said:
    so good. (: Jan 17
  • benji. said:
    "She's got a way" is absolutely amaziing =]] Jan 04
  • patttTHAT. said:
    keep driving makes me happy =] Dec 29
  • SVK said:
    Hey... I wouldn't have considered looking at your page normally because im not into pop/powerpop but then i decided what the heck why not...and im soo happy because this stuff is great! Thanks guys for changing my mind :) Nov 05
  • Alicia said:
    wow! your music is amazing Oct 17
  • release the words said:
    You guys are great, can't wait for a full length cd! Can you keep driving til you get to my hometown and play a song or two? lol Jul 10
  • LeahLove(: said:
    i lovee the song Keep Driving(: i heard it on tila tequila and i fell in loveeeeeee! haha Jul 10
  • Ambahh =D said:
    I love to dance in the middle of the street to your music. Your sound is absolutely magical. ♥ Jul 05
  • Samantha said:
    I love your voices. "Keep Driving" is a song that i can picture myself listening to on a drive & just gazing out of the window. it's not too fast, not too slow & i just love you guys- i can't wait to hear more =) Jul 04
  • annasthesia! said:
    Lakeland, FL?! btw, I love you guys. =) Apr 29