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Without Y's [RIP]


Genres: Metal / Experimental / Hardcore

Location: Simcoe/ Delhi, ON

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4 tracks

Members: Derek, Josh, Aaron, Adam & Sean

WITHOUT Y'S [RIP] : 2006-2007

In short: Five motherfuckers making some sweet noise.

History: Derek confronted Kevin in the middle of winter claiming that he needed to play in any kind of metal band. Kevin being a no good nobody agreed to sing. Derek had long been playing music with Josh and Sean. But both were involved with other project. Josh quickly quit his band so he could play music that he actually enjoyed and got a say in. Soon the trio got Ryan to play bass.

The four quickly wrote a 6 song demo, and immediatly after it was done Ryan switched over to guitar and called upon Aaron to fill the bass clef gap. Eventually they called Sean to do the screeching part, another step to taking over Kevin's garage.

Ryan then decided he had to quit the band due to transportation reasons and other issues. They had to find someone to fill in Ryan's place, and thought they would give Adam Ferrara a try, and quickly became the new guitarist after a couple practices.

From six to five; Kevin recently decided to call it quits due to personal reasons regarding vocal issues. The band is debating whether or not to replace kevin and whom could take his place.

NOW, we are fucking done. But three members of Without Y's have started a new band, HERMAN DRENTH (myspace.com/hermandrenth), that will make you want to puke and shit your pants at the same time! BAM.

Go check them out!

As for our merch, we will be selling shirts and cds at discount prices, so just leave us a message and we'll be glad to hook you up.



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Feb 12, 2007


Mar 18, 2006


Farr West, UT


United States


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