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Learning Woodworking at Home -- Where to Start From

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Each time woodworking comes to your mind -- if it ever occurs -- what's the first thing you think about? Most people, associate woodworking and carpentry to high school projects but rarely think of it as anything creative to do during their spare time. Read more about teds woodworking plans review here

Woodworking can actually be a lot of fun as a pastime or even as a full time job. It can be something to look forward to as the weekend comes or a unique way to make a living.

What is woodworking really? Woodworking essentially consists of a quite a wide range of activities, most of them linking to the creation of fine or antique furniture. However, woodworking can also be lots more than building furniture or refurbishing antiques.

When studying the art of woodworking, the very first step you take is never to build a piece of furniture. In fact, as a newbie, you are advised to start off utilizing a prefabricated kit.

If you have no experience in woodworking, getting a prefabricated kit will practically guarantee that you will be able to successfully complete your first project , spending little money and working safely (as no saws and other blades will be involved).

Finishing your first woodworking project, charge you with a positive momentum , motivating you to challenge yourself with more complex projects. This is actually when you must be careful. Learning woodworking takes time and, with the wrong guidance you could really hurt yourself.

So, if you think that working with prefabricated kits is simply dull and want to build something from scratch, here is what you need :

• A good woodworking guide
• Step by step woodworking plans
• The right gear
• Enough room to work safely and undisturbed

Now, it’s important to take into account that even though you apply the instructions in the plan and use brand new tools, your results will dependent upon your experience. So if you are dying to build that coffee table you've always dreamed of and your results don't quite match with what you had in mind, don't worry, it's totally normal. Simply be patient and, with time, results will come.

Where can you find a good woodworking guide and woodworking plans for beginners?
The best place is in online. There are quite a few packages available for less than $100. Those include woodworking guides, woodworking plans and also CAD viewers.

When shopping around for woodworking plans, keep in mind that professionally created woodworking plans must be easy to follow (with step-by-step instructions showing blueprints with colored figures and actual pictures of the finished product.

Additionally, in the package, there must be a good range of plans. While focusing on only one project at a time is very important in woodworking, it's also nice to have different examples to take ideas from. This may allow you to add variations to the project and still follow clear instructions.

You should be able to follow the plan no matter what your level and experience are. Whether you're a professional woodworker or just a newbie, the plan must always be easy to follow and leave out any guesswork.

Lastly, you need to take into account that the more detailed complex a woodworking plan is, the more expensive it will probably be. Again, in case you are a beginner, don't spend a lot of money in complicated plans. Start with simple projects and gradually move to more challenging ones.
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Posted Aug 09, 2013 at 9:19am