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Unique Ideas for your Groom Speech and Best Man Speech

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Your daughter's groom Speech and finest Man Speech is the one thing I look forward to most in a wedding. There is always the hope that they'll be really entertaining and interesting but and so i often I can be disappointed - particularly when they are filled with un-funny one liners heard many times before. In the interests of ending boring wedding speeches forever, please see some suggestions below based on how to create an interesting, funny groom speech and finest man speech.....

Songs / Music
You can incorporate a song or a bit of music into your speech, perhaps by making up some words to a well known song and have everyone sing along to that particular (with you showing the words on the screen or held up on cards).

Showing some video clip, if at all possible, can split up it nicely. It might be a message from a relative who can’t attend the marriage, or some funny video clip of the Groom from the time he was young. The options are endless!

Making all of your speech rhyme can be particularly funny and far simpler to deliver than the normal kind of speech, particularly if you aren’t used to public speaking or lack confidence. Almost every verse will get a laugh, even if it’s not particularly funny, purely because of the uniqueness of it. You can obtain numerous sample rhyming verses perfect for your Groom Speech or Best Man Speech at www.rhymingspeeches.com

Use Props
The use of props can be great. For example, if you are the best man, you have access to the groom to put on a wig or item of clothing that somehow pertains to a tale you are telling about him.

Groom Speech Sample

If you are giving a Best Man speech, you can show some funny photos from the groom. It might be a picture of him from when he was young, wearing some really bad clothes. The talented amongst you might be in a position to doctor the picture, putting his directly someone else’s body. One great example of this I have heard of was a best man revealing a poster of the groom’s head put on to some bodybuilder’s body, with a speech bubble coming out his mouth saying “Hi, call me Carlo”, which was apparently among his old chat up lines. His name wasn’t Carlo.

You can run a sweepstake on the entire speeches. This will get all the guests involved and can be good fun.

Telephone call
You could attempt having someone call your cell phone during the speech. You’d answer the call and have a conversation together, which could go something like this “Hello mate……I’m in a wedding today….. yeah, it’s ok……my speech? Going down a storm of course…..your daughter's groom? Punching above his weight big time”. This kind of thing is most likely well suited for the very best man.

Groom Speech Sample

Magic trick
If you can accomplish a good magic trick, and make it relevant to it and also the stories you're telling, than the can be a good idea. Be careful not to include it simply with regard to it…. otherwise it'll just look like you're revealing!

Telegrams / Messages
Confused with the normal telegrams/messages from people not there (normally made by the very best man) maybe you could write to your daughter's groom or Bride’s favourite sports team/musician/comedian and try to get them to send a congratulatory letter to see out. You’d be surprised the number of famous people are prepared to do this. On my big day, my best man read out instructions in my experience from Harry Redknapp, manager (at that time) of Tottenham Hotspur Soccer club. It’s a great surprise and it is interesting for the guests to listen to.

As you can see, there are a number of the way to create a wedding speech more interesting and entertaining. Try them out and make your Groom speech or Best Man speech someone to remember!

This information is written by Greg Williams - author of the sample rhyming verses for the wedding speech available at www.rhymingspeeches.com

Posted Oct 07, 2012 at 12:09am