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Widow Sunday

Breakin' faces and shakin' booties!


Genres: Metal / Metal / Metal

Location: Framingham, MA

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4 tracks

Members: Jacob Falconer, Sean Duffy, Adam Cutler, Patrick Flaherty, Darin Moyen

Intense, powerful, angry, brilliant. Widow Sunday has taken the metal genre to the next level of devastation with their latest offering, "In These Rusted Veins". Combining the best elements of hardcore, industrial, and metal, Widow Sunday's "In These Rusted Veins" delivers a pure dose of aggressive perfection that will stand up to it's peers in the heavy music genre. "ITRV" was produced and engineered by Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead, Cannae, The Ghost Inside) and mixed and mastered by Peter Rutcho (Revocation, The Year of Our Lord, Ravage).

"Many bands struggle their entire careers to form an album that is catchy and engaging. Well, these Massachusetts natives have been blessed by the gods and managed to produce an ear shattering record sure to please the angry gods of metal...on their first try."
- Luke Amos, The NewReview

"Widow Sunday apparently sees no good reason to be defined by one style or another. They're also talented enough to pull of a mix of styles without falling flat on any one of them...and they go far beyond simply not falling flat - they crush everything."
- Islander, No Clean Singing

Hailing from central Massachusetts, the quartet is already making a name for themselves in the Northeastern metal scene. Fueled by the success of their debut 2009 EP "Embracing the Beast Within" and it's accompanying video for "The Strings of Clarity" (directed by Ossian of Kingdom Cold Productions), the self-described "dance metal" powerhouse has performed countless regional concerts in addition to receiving worldwide radio airtime. With a debut full length album now in stores and extensive touring plans in the works, Widow Sunday is poised to break faces and shake booties all over the planet.

"What makes Widow Sunday so exciting is their originality. They are not wed to any particular style which allows them to be innovative. Their creativity is supported by dedication to technical skill."
- Cailan Bennett, Dirtnap Entertainment

"Widow Sunday is one of the most solid and unique bands, I have encountered by far. There's no other band's sound that makes you want to dance and throw down in a moshpit at the same time."
- Matt Darcy, Nefarious Realm Productions



In These Rusted Veins

May 18, 2010


United States


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