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Who's Keeping Score?


Genres: Punk

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Stats: 3 fans / 859 plays / 50 plays today






Members: Ross, Urban, Josh, Pope

math core? dance core? nah fuck that... wks? is no core punk rock... forget the genres and sub genres wks? exists only to punch you in the face. the recent album Last One Standing has just been released, but the only way to truely experience WKS? is with the high energy chaotic live show. WKS? has had the privledge of playing with The Casualties, The Teen Idols, The Lawrence Arms, Ann Beretta, The Toasters, Murphys Law and they have even played a guerilla style set in the warped tour parking lot. check the shit out... wks?



Who's Keeping Score?

No release date

Who's Keeping Score?

No release date


Indiana, PA


Pittsburgh, PA

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