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White Light Riot


Genres: Rock / Indie / Alternative

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Stats: 96 fans / 2,741 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Joe Christenson, Mike Schwandt, Mark Schwandt, Dan Larsen

Exploding onto the thriving Minneapolis scene in the fall of 2005, White Light Riot are brothers Mike (vocals, guitar) and Mark (drums) Schwandt, Joe Christenson (lead guitar), and Dan Larsen (bass). The band during their brief existence have gained a rabid following and a reputation for turning out smart, radiant indie pop gems.



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  • Kaiti said:
    nice :D Dec 29
  • MusicXray said:
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  • Whit said:
    i have Charlatan on my musicphone, so I can listen to you guys anywhere. It gets pretty loud for a tiny flip phone. Beyonce comes out a little clearer. But, lets be honest, its Beyonce. Peace. Mar 04
  • zizzleboob said:
    i really love your band! your cd is great, and i've been telling all my friends about you, lol. i was also on rock the votes website and saw that you guys did a video, which was really cool, cuz i didnt know you were working with rock the vote! anyway, here is the video for people who havent seen it yet: http://rockthevote.com/yoozur/index.html#/video-601-The_White_Light_Riots_Rock_the_Vote_PSA i dont think they allow url links so just copy and paste it in your browser window. anyway hope to see you soon ;) Oct 21
  • MyLifeAsATeenageIdiot. said:
    I have a friend who has a friend that works at a radio station that you sent your Atomism CD to... and I always get to hear the music people send in... and I liked you so much that I listen to your CD and burnt it for all my friends! Jun 15
  • galvinandhobb said:
    Representin\' Armstrong. I like it. I like the music. Keep working hard, you\'re doing great. Nov 01
  • brianna_is_rockin said:
    Thank you for being a good, cool band and representing boring Minnesota. YAY! Jun 27
  • m.s.p said:
    How awesome...you guys are great!! and seriously you need more attention from all over the world! ;) I May 05
  • m.s.p said:
    How awesome...you guys are great!! and seriously you need more attention from all over the world! ;) I May 05
  • becomelegendary said:
    Saw you guys at the Metro with Treaty of Paris in June. You were awesome! :) Aug 06
  • amgriff689 said:
    Heya! I saw you guys at the metro and you were awesome! You need to come back to the Chicago area and soon! Amanda Jul 02
  • bulletbait said:
    You guys are way too good not to have a single comment. I heard about you through Christine Gerpheide at Grinnell College. I like you guys a lot May 10


Jun 19, 2007

Out of Sight EP

Apr 13, 2007


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