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Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Death Metal

Location: Oswego, NY

Stats: 484 fans / 20,296 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Kevin, Luke, Sam, Dave, Jake



  • Joe Rousseau said:
    SONS OF ATLAS is a Progressive Deathcore/Djentcore band from Stamford, Connecticut. Check out our demo and comment what you think! Check out one of the new songs here: http://youtu.be/bQbTUeWuwS0 Apr 23
  • Jason Mother Fucking Kee said:
    If You All Like Metal I Think You Should Just Go To My Profile And Check Out All The Fucking Metal Bands I Know Ha... Just Saying I Have Like Every Fucking Band, Which Is Why I'm Putting This On Most Of My Favorite Bands Sites. Be My Friends And Accect My My Gift Of... Metal =) May 26
  • angelea. said:
    Mathew and Keantis. :D :D Apr 09
  • Mathew Hadley said:
    this is to ..VampiXie.. your also a worthless peice of crap if you cant even spell there name right thank you and as keantis said its there demo thank you Mar 15
  • keantis said:
    if you people can read its there demos Feb 05
  • The Unblack Vampire said:
    Hey people!!! Check this out: ISHI - death/black metal www.purevolume.com/ISHI27083 Jan 25
  • Josh Gunn-Hill said:
    WhiteChapel wannabes? :o You suck :) Jan 06
  • Severed Savior said:
    Where's the real WHITECHAPEL? :D Jan 05
  • ..Hear me RoawwR!! said:
    WTF!! whitechappel there's only one!! if u change it maibe you'll kick ass but if u copy other band's name you will just be worthless piece of craap!>:[ Dec 03
  • Amanda said:
    ohfail guys put the right shit on and stop copying other band names. Dec 01
  • R said:
    fuck wrong band!!!!! Nov 28
  • Maddi|MurderFace said:
    Why the FUCK would you name your band "Whitechapel" thats kind of stupid, scene as how theres already a band named that. Change the name, and get better recording equipment. Then maybe you'll be aight. (: Nov 12
  • ..christa said:
    ._. Oct 01
  • «trinakitkatbar« said:
    D: not WHITECHAPEL??? Aug 19
  • Spencer said:
    Ahhh what is this?? This isn't the right Whitechapel!!! Aug 08

Whitechapel Demo Summer '05

No release date


Sheffield, United Kingdom

Lvan Jnsen

United Kingdom

Clay Olson

Auckland, New Zealand

Eric Rooster

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Shaun Klein

Coventry, United Kingdom

kellisha stewart

North Shore, LA



Hannarr Greene

Smyrna, TN

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