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Why Businesses Need Whiteboard Animation

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It is a proven fact that a lot of people get more info effectively visually and many more effectively when the teaching is presented in multiple media for example text, car stereo.
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Whiteboard animation (also variously called 'sketch video', 'video scribing', 'doodle video', 'sketch cartoon videos' and 'fast hand drawing') is a particularly effective visual medium as there is something happening on screen all the time. It really is much more effective when the images used are already chosen to strengthen the message with the narrative.

Although whiteboard animation has been around for many years, it absolutely was probably first delivered to the attention of the public in a big way using the group of UPS TV ads.
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In the past, whiteboard animation ended hard way, with actual artists allowing the imagery on camera then clever editing to offer the result.

This involves plenty of talent and a lot of hours and thus only large companies having an advertising budget like UPS could afford it.

Advances in technology have now changed that. Software may be coming onto the market that automates the process of creating whiteboard animation, rendering it an affordable option for most businesses and people.

Consequently, a growing number of businesses are waking up to the marketing potential with this video format.

They are saying a picture will probably be worth one thousand words. And that is true in the event the picture concisely summarises data or maybe it elicits an emotional response within the viewer. And that is a primary reason why carefully prepared whiteboard animation is so effective. It presents multiple images which are made a lot more engaging through movement.

One other reason for its effectiveness is it subconsciously reminds us of cartoons and, hence, the kid inside ourselves. Who has not been totally engrossed in cartoon antics at some stage in their lives?

Whiteboard animation can be used to visually explain a complete gamut of various concepts. It really is accustomed to sell things, to describe products, to present information, to show, to entertain plus much more.

Carefully selected imagery linked along with clever effects inside a cartoon style can convey complex concepts inside a concise, entertaining and non-threatening way. Viewers can enjoy and learn simultaneously.

And, on this era, there is certainly another very powerful reason businesses must look into whiteboard animation. It can be used to create videos who have all the elements set up to ensure they are 'go viral'.

An especially inventive, unusual or engaging video that people enjoy watching is going to be shared throughout the various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Countless videos have attracted countless views in the future this way.


Posted Apr 17, 2014 at 8:55am