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Stay Young

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Added Aug 05, 2009

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Comments (23)

  • Marisa said:
    I lOvE WE THE KINGS!! May 12
  • i bet i can get you to say i'am awesome!!!! :D said:
    nice guys!!haha Apr 15
  • Beccuhh Bottle Pop said:
    i love you guys!! haha Nov 06
  • Me_Llamo_Turkey_Sub said:
    Does anyone know what you call the hat travis is wearing.. i know its a type of understanding.. its just my hair is literally exactly like his (its really curly and big) and normally other hats dont fit and i need to get one like that.. any help? Nov 05
  • PiercedGirl101 said:
    Wow! loved it ^_^ Oct 23
  • Kelly said:
    travis) Oct 22
  • kR!n said:
    i love hunter! Oct 12
  • Charlenelaughs said:
    absolutely loove it ;) Oct 10
  • Janette said:
    haha love this song! [: u guys r AMAZING!!!!! Aug 21
  • J.Mack said:
    i like the song i do agree that the video is cool but is not quiet what i expected from this band. Aug 13
  • Katy Weber said:
    love love love it it it Aug 07
  • NaneX said:
    Awesome xD Aug 07
  • BlahFreak24 said:
    why couldnt you guys have actually made a video. its cool to see you messing around and stuff, but its almost a vlog rather than a music video... so ya. awesome music, not so much on the vid. Aug 06
  • jennifer(: said:
    you guys are cuteeee Aug 06
  • Pureā˜…Amusement said:
    guys u def. rock!! when u comin to panama? Aug 06