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Genres: Hardcore / Rock

Location: Minneapolis, MN

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Members: Cory, Jesse, Andrew, Adam

Westfalia was first conceptualized in the fall of 2005 following the breakup of Jesse Monson, Adam Hallbeck and Cory Hoffmanns previous band, Asher Lev. Disgruntled due to creative differences, Monson, Hoffmann and Hallbeck decided to break with the band and move in a new musical direction together. Friends first and foremost, they recognized that they had compatibility as musicians as well. With Monson picking up a guitar to both play and sing this time, Hallbeck on lead guitar and Hoffmann on bass, they quickly enlisted the drumming abilities of friend Andrew Dussl to complete the group and settled on a name, Westfalia.

Pressing on in a new melodic direction and rejecting the current musical trends in favor of something more heartfelt and creative, Westfalia established themselves in a short time as a musical force to be reckoned with. I watched eyeliner take precedence over integrity in music and it made me sick, elaborated Monson. They have masterfully blended styles to create a style that is as musically driving as it is honest and original. Monsons vocals are backed up with powerful lyrics and beautiful three-part harmonies. The stellar guitar work dances a fine line between heavy and poppy while still having a melodic edge that few can pull off. Westfalia has found a sound that is very much an original blending of heaviness, catchy-ness and musical prowess.

In May of 2006, Westfalia released its debut EP entitled "Because This Isnt What You Asked For". Shortly thereafter, drummer Andrew Dussl departed for the summer, halting many of the bands creative efforts. Writing continued in the fall of 06, but new issues began to arise; with all of the members in college, practicing and writing had become difficult to arrange. By winter, the problems of Dussls commitment to the band weighed heavy on them all and despite attempts to reconcile differences, Westfalia and Dussl mutually agreed to part ways.

It was not long after that they were pointed in the direction of drummer Josh Palmer of Nebraska. Palmer, attending college in Minneapolis, was currently without a group and was willing to try out. What resulted was nothing short of miraculous. Palmers style and ability was the perfect fit for Westfalia and he was recruited immediately as an equal member of the group.

With the lineup currently set once more, Westfalia is in the process of writing for an upcoming EP. Unhappy with earlier songs however, they continue to push on in new musical directions, experimenting with what will ultimately be a uniquely Westfalia sound. We realized that were not dark and hard people at all, commented Monson on the change in sound. Hallbeck continued by explaining the change came after [realizing] that cool writing wasnt good writing. Stemming from that sentiment, we decided we wanted to express ourselves through good writing, more mature writing.

With new material in the works that towers over their previous work, Westfalia is sure to secure a place as one of the areas finest, most talented and creative bands to emerge in years.


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    Hey, This is Thomas@Canada from myspace (gut who wanted EP for long time) scratch the comment I posted just remembered what state I lived in Jun 03
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    yall are super awesome! Mar 24
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    Am Jam- new music- we need it Feb 15


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