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Proclaiming Cadence ((FREE DOWNLOADS!))


Genres: Acoustic / Pop / Alternative

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

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Members: Kasey


My "Displacing Shadows" EP is now on iTunes! Snatch it up asap!!


My name is Kasey and I'm an ordinary guy.
But all things, including the ordinary and sub-ordinary, have endless potential.
I'm a fighter and dreamer, and I spend my time trying to be extraordinary.
This is my attempt at greatness. Stick around and maybe I can learn something from you.

Take a listen to these songs and see what you think.
If it's something you can get into, then I'm STOKED!!

Please hit me up on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, etc.
I'm a friendly dude.
((If you like blink-182, then I already like you.))

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon! ;)


  • Sarah said:
    i love listening to your music... whered heidis song go?? Mar 05
  • Jessica Anna(: said:
    I like your music. Let's be friends? :D Jun 15
  • Jessica Anna(: said:
    awh Jun 15
  • Jessica Anna(: said:
    What happened to Heidi? :/ Jun 06
  • shawn said:
    kasey what a beautiful song you wrote for your friend you truly have a gift at touching peoples lives and im proud to know you. God has given you a talent so you keep making your dreams come true and know that I love you! god Bless Love shawn Jun 01
  • Danie Bush said:
    Kasey, I've Known you my whole life. I always knew you were talented with music, this song for Heidi is AMAZING. Although I never Personally met Heidi, she touched my life. I know you will go on in life, and become a famous artist who writes his own music. Plus I will be your #1 Fan. I love your music. You were born to be musically talented. Jun 01
  • Cyndi S. said:
    Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to hear more of your music. You are destined for greatness. Jun 01
  • Casey Anderson said:
    i like your voice...and your name :) Jan 26
  • heatherlynn(: said:
    i'll be your first comment! i love "dont forget it" and i think your voice is beautiful(: Jan 25

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