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Accused soccer coach testifies he isn't gay Calgary the calgary soccer coach accused of an illicit sexual fling with a young player testified yesterday he has no interest in same sex jordans shoes 2014 encounters. "I'm not gay, shawn chamberlain fram told his support lawyer david grier. And chamberlain fram said the only attempt at a sexual marital when he coached the boy's team was an unrequited try by jordans:http://www.skillya.net/ the teen's mom to seduce him. "(This girl)Conveyed she wanted a deeper, more intimate intimate with me, chamberlain fram claimed of a july 9, 2007, currency between he and the soccer mom. "She necessary.To make our love affair more intimate sexual, he was quoted saying. "This was shocking to me because it's not something which i wanted to encourage, The mother earlier testified she told chamberlain fram his contact with her then 13 year old son had become incongruous after she heard him comment about kissing the boy. But the accused sex offender insisted the only intimacy they discussed was your ex lust for him. Chamberlain fram, 21, is faced with a sexually assaulting the boy, twice while driving him home after a observe, or recreation, and once during a sleepover at another performer's home.


Posted Feb 26, 2014 at 5:20pm